Mersin's New Public Transport Campus was put into service

Mersin's New Public Transport Campus was put into service
Mersin's New Public Transport Campus was put into service

The opening of the 'Public Transport Campus', the 41th of the openings initiated by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality with the motto "Mersin Rising, 41 Times Good News, 7 New Openings", was held by the Republican People's Party Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. The last 272 of the 41 new buses that will serve the people of Mersin have been delivered.

While the bus drivers of the Metropolitan Municipality were excited to benefit from the fully equipped campus, the citizens experienced the happiness of the increase in the number of 'Yellow Lemons' that provide safe and fast transportation to them. The Public Transport Campus received full marks from the citizens.

Environmental friendly campus for green buses

The land located next to MEŞOT and previously used as a wild storage area was rehabilitated by the Metropolitan Municipality and a fully equipped, environmentally friendly campus was built in its place. Within the Public Transport Campus, 67 thousand 837 square meters of which is closed and 8 thousand square meters of open space, on a total area of ​​​​416 thousand 47 square meters; At the entrance of the Porch Structure and Pump Room, the area where the technical maintenance of the buses will be carried out, the Vehicle Wash that will keep the hygiene of the buses at the highest level, the waste oil and cloths from the maintenance and repair workshop, the solid wastes are temporarily collected and then sent to be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation. In this section, there is the Security Building, where both the entrance and exit of the buses and the controlled entry of personnel and visitors are provided and recorded, and the Main Coordination Center with an area of ​​1183 square meters.

With the Main Coordination Center, it is aimed primarily to provide the management and administration of the Municipal Buses, to transfer the data obtained from the technological structure of the buses to the Main Coordination Center, to evaluate the obtained data and to provide the necessary support. 48 operators work in the System Room with 24 LED screens. Here, both the public transportation services belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality and all kinds of minibus cooperatives, private public buses, shuttle and taxi vehicles operating within the borders of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality are also controlled, supervised and administered.

“Turkey's most modern bus campus”

President Seçer stated that they are proud of fulfilling the promise they gave to the people of Mersin when they took office, '272 buses that are modern, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and will meet all kinds of needs of the citizens', and said, “We will not only receive the last batch of buses here. Here, we will now serve the people of Mersin in Turkey's most modern bus campus. There are everthing here. No no; but an environmentally friendly facility, like our buses. Our buses were called 'Lemon'. We have prepared a home for them. Here they will be cared for, washed here. We said 'environmentally friendly'. We will purify the water we wash the buses and reuse them in drinking water quality.”

Pointing out that buses have another important feature, President Seçer pointed out that they are budget friendly especially for students and said, “We will not change your bus fares until 2024. For 1 lira, you will get on the cheapest public transportation vehicles in Turkey'. We fulfilled our promise. We are proud of him. When we make the current valuation of this facility and 272 buses, the money we spend here is 1 billion 144 million 48 thousand TL. May this service that we spend from the money they transfer from their resources, halal labor and taxes to the people of Mersin, halal and nice," he said.

“A good service for our people”

Gözde Güngör, who works as a bus captain in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, evaluated the campus and said, “We are happy, we are proud. We are honored to provide such a service to Mersin in particular. We also love our job. A nice service for both the captains and our people. As Mersin, we are also open to innovations. We are very pleased and proud of the service we provide.”

“We love our vehicles”

İlkay Demir, who works as a bus driver in the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We are very happy. We love our vehicles. We are happy, new vehicles, a new era,” he said.

“We can provide safer driving”

Evaluating the campus, Aykut Aslan said, “Compared to our other group head offices, it is in a very good and wide area; It is a very large campus, whether it is a washing area or a staff area. The washing area, the maintenance workshop, the resting area for the employees were very nice. A completely renovated fleet, beautiful vehicles, all natural gas powered, environmentally friendly vehicles. 272 units are completed. It's a good advantage for us too. We can provide safer, more comfortable driving. Having more vehicles is very good both for the citizens and for us.”

“Thanks to the campus, our work will become easier”

Driver Bülent Karataş stated that they are excited to offer the new buses to the public and said, “We will put our new buses into the service of our people. Thanks to this campus, we will save time and our work will be easier. It is of great benefit to us. We needed new vehicles in order to provide better service to the society, to provide healthier and more beautiful transportation. It was a good opening at this stage,” he said.

Citizens liked the campus very much

Citizens who came to the opening and saw the campus on site also liked the renewed vehicle fleet and equipped bus campus.

Kazım Aydın, one of the citizens, said, “I am very happy, I am happy that we have such an opening. Very nice place. May God grant you the best. Our Mayor is working sincerely, I hope we will see better ones," he said. Ali Ekber Doğan said, “This place is very beautiful, I like it very much. Good luck, our new buses have arrived. The City really provides a great service. We are very satisfied with these services. Our citizens will benefit greatly from them,” he said.

“A great success”

Saying that she lives in Anamur and that she likes the campus very much, Nadire Alarslan said, “We are proud of Vahap Seçer with my President, I am so glad we have it. It created a European city for us and offered very good opportunities. 272 buses are in service, a great success, congratulations. The campus is very beautiful, I also saw the buses. Thanks to our President, there were also very good changes in Anamur, our asphalt was magnificent, they built very nice roads. Our female drivers are very beautiful, there are also Anamur, we are very proud of them,” she said.

“We are very satisfied with the services”

Abuzer Yalçın said, “This place is very good, we thank our president, he also bought our new buses. We are also happy with their work. 41 times Mashallah. I say Mashallah 41 times to Vahap Seçer, the Chairman and the CHP municipalities.” Senem Infinite said, “This place is beautiful. New vehicles have arrived, I've seen them too. I really thank Vahap Seçer very much. We are also very satisfied with the services. "Mashallah 41 times," he said.

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