SF Trade Crowned with Excellent Workplace Certification

Crowned with SF Trade Certificate of Excellence
SF Trade Crowned with Excellent Workplace Certification

SF Trade, which provides services in the field of leather and textile products in Gaziemir Aegean Free Zone, is entitled to receive the Great Place to Work certificate as a result of the evaluations made by an independent organization. kazanwas.

Stating that they have been working to keep the satisfaction of all white and blue-collar employees at the highest level for years, General Manager Aylin Gözay stated that these efforts are further reinforced with the Great Place to Work certificate.

Providing information about the process, Aylin Gözay said, “We were very happy to receive this certificate as a result of the survey and evaluation conducted by Great Place to Work based on employee experience. The Perfect Workplace certification has actually been on our agenda in recent years. In fact, 'human first' is at the top of our core values. Moreover, as we stated in our Mission, 'to ensure the satisfaction of our stakeholders' is our main goal. By stakeholders, we mean that SF is happy with all its employees, management, suppliers and customers at the same level. Because we all spend most of our lives here in this workplace. That is why it is very valuable for us that everyone works peacefully and happily. Everything changed with the pandemic. The whole world focused on sustainability. In this context, our employee – workforce sustainability was among our targets. That's why we put the Perfect Workplace certificate into our targets with sharp lines this year.”


Noting that they support employee happiness within a corporate culture, General Manager Aylin Gözay continued as follows; “Normally, there is a preliminary preparation period in the certification process. We were also aware that the steps we have taken since the past have been successful in this regard. We wanted to see our own situation first. For this reason, we set out for the certification process with our own dynamics without any preliminary work. And right to get the certificate at the first time kazansteep. knowledge, experience and kazanSharing with everyone has always been something that has already existed in our company. We are trying to make these become our corporate culture. It needs to spread further and the whole organization needs to feel it. We attach great importance to working in a human-oriented and peaceful manner. This certificate is just an indication and we still have a long way to go. We also had the chance to observe ourselves from the outside. We have seen both our good and weak sides. We will continue to work with the same team. In addition to being a good and preferred company, there are steps ahead of us to be better in the sector, in the region, in our country and in the world.”


Emphasizing that the Great Place to Work certificate will affect not only employee belonging but also communication with suppliers, Gözay said, “It is important to understand employee psychology well. We have provided them with an environment where they can feel more comfortable. It is very important for our employees to have fairness, respect, determination of their needs, a sense of trust and knowing that our company is on their side. It is very important for us to put the team spirit into practice with an equal and fair management approach and to have confidence in the company.”

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