Bodrum Tourism Professionals Revolted: 'Hand Off Tourism'

Bodrum Tourism Professionals Revolted, Take Your Hands Off Tourism
Bodrum Tourism Professionals Revolted 'Hands Off Tourism'

Bodrum Touristic Operators and Investors Association (BODER) Board of Directors has issued a statement stating that the untimely infrastructure works carried out in the middle of the tourism season are damaging the sector.

The following statements were included in the statement text: “Recently, Dr. Along Mümtaz Ataman Street, which is Bodrum's main commercial branch, the practice called "infrastructure work", which started in the middle of the tourism season, is a work that is extremely timeless and does not fit the tourism dynamism of the city. The resulting chaos and images do not suit this paradise Bodrum. It is known to those living in the city that such timeless and chaotic practices are now tiring and harassing both the sector and the citizen. The needs of the city and what needs to be done have been known for a long time, but in a way that we cannot understand, the relevant institutions can never work together.

It is also known by everyone that every corner of Bodrum and our city earns most of their livelihood from tourism. Only the commercial volume created by our district for the sector exceeds 1 Billion Dollars. Tourism, on the other hand, provides its main source from nature, peace, peace, all the stakeholders of the city and its quality environment.


Bodrum Touristic Operators and Investors Association

Noting that as BODER, they continue their work to be beneficial to the city and tourism, the members of the board of directors said, “As BODER, we have explained all these one by one, both in our bilateral dialogues and in our problem reports that need to be resolved, and we have officially shared them with all concerned. Although our belief in the solution of the problems is always full, these are the problems that our citizens experience, whether they are members or not, and that prevent the development of tourism.

As a result of the so-called work that took place in the middle of the season in the relevant region, many of our hotels in the region suffered serious job losses, as well as many local tourists and citizens living in the region. Foreign tourists and agencies have stated to many of our operators that they cannot understand the subject.

Despite all the events that took place in the middle of the season, we were sent from the authorities to our country to do our job and through tourism. kazanOur only request is that; Please leave tourism alone so that the sector and the entire system can do their job and produce services, and plan the measures that need to be taken together before the busy season by learning from the experiences.”


BODER Board of Directors finally said, “As if all this was not enough, local press worker Mr. While Fatih Bozoğlu wanted to report on the subject, we learned with great sadness that he was harassed by the employees of the subcontractor company there. As BODER, the only thing we believe in is; freedom and impartiality of the press. I would like to thank all our friends of the press who worked devotedly in every detail to convey news to the public, Mr. We wish Bozoğlu and all working members of the press to get well soon and condemn what happened. The right of the free and impartial press to report and the right of the public to receive information cannot be denied.

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