From the Mukhtars of Izmir, “Izmir Mukhtars Musical From Liberation to Democracy”

From Mukhtars of Izmir to Liberation from Democracy Izmir Mukhtars Musical
From the Mukhtars of Izmir, “Izmir Mukhtars Musical From Liberation to Democracy”

Mukhtars from Izmir are getting ready to go to the theater stage for the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Izmir. 100 muhtars, who have been studying theater and music for two months, will stage the play "From Independence to Democracy İzmir Mukhtars Musical". 100 muhtars from all over Izmir came together for the events of the 100th anniversary of Izmir's liberation. Mukhtars, who will experience theater for the first time in their lives, are preparing to stage the theatrical play "İzmir Muhtarlar's Musical, From Liberation to Democracy", which tells the story of Izmir's liberation, under the leadership of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Mukhtar Affairs. He will stage his first play in Alaşehir as part of the Victory Road events that will extend from Afyon to İzmir. Giving information about the project, Ali Kılıç, Head of the Department of Headman of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We wanted to take part in the activities of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Izmir, together with our headmen. Our mukhtars voluntarily participated in the project. We have been working for two months. As part of the Victory March, we will stage our musical in Alaşehir on September 4, in Kemalpaşa on September 8, and in Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center on September 14.”

It is important that muhtars lead the arts

Vedat Murat Güzel, Coordinator and Director of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Village Theaters, who prepared the headmen for the theater stage, said, “Obviously, they adapted much more easily than we expected. We proceeded with a very pleasant working process. We've come a long way in a very short time. We shaped our musical together with our muhtars. In the 100th year, we will be on the stage with our 100 mukhtars. The first people who come into contact with our people in the places where they live are the headmen. The society is enlightened with the information and support they give. Their reflection on İzmir in this artistic aspect was also very important. We had a slogan with our Tunç president; 'There is no dirt in the hands that touch art.' With this slogan, we were making efforts to bring art together with everyone. It is very important for the muhtars to be partners and pioneers in this," he said.

“It is a privilege to carry out this project with our muhtars”

Pelin Kadıoğlu, Voice Trainer of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Art Department, said, “Our muhtars are very happy and they are very fondly involved in this project. They trust us a lot. The important thing is to be united, to be whole. We brought out their talents. Yes, their voices are very beautiful, their theatrical abilities are very good. My field is the music field. I see that we will sign a very good first with them and this musical will make a lot of noise. The 100th anniversary celebrations are very important for our İzmir. It is a privilege to carry out this project with our mukhtars and I am very happy.”

We will add color to Izmir The mukhtars involved in the project expressed their excitement as follows:

Sedat Erşahin, President of Buca Headmen's Association and Headman of Buca Atatürk Neighborhood: “First of all, I would like to thank our president Tunç for this effort and contribution. The 100th anniversary of the liberation of our Izmir is a very meaningful day for Turkey, for Izmir, for us. It was a very good organization. We will take the stage with our 100 mukhtars. We will celebrate our 100th anniversary. Our mukhtars prepared a magnificent program. We've come a long way. Our teachers have always been with us for about two months. We are also ready for the 100th anniversary. We will add color to Izmir.”

Headman of Konak Piri Reis Neighborhood Mine Arabs: “It is very exciting to do this work in İzmir's 100th year. In this game, we will revive the life of the first female headman, Gül Esin, to a little bit. That's why our joy and excitement doubles. Nice project. In the remaining time from our work, we implement this project. I believe that we will convey a very good message to our people.”

Neşe Kahraman, Headman of Karabağlar Devrim Neighborhood: “We were very excited when we heard about this project. I would like to thank our President Tunç. I am very happy to be a part of such a musical. I would like to thank them very much for organizing such an organization that befits İzmir in its 100th year. I've been coming in full since the day it started. We are all looking forward to the stage day.”

Karabağlar Bahçelievler Neighborhood Headman Mehmet Köse: “Our emotions are very intense, we are very excited. We look forward to that day. We come running to every job here. We are so excited that it is a great thing to announce İzmir. İzmir has always been the first. We also want to make a first in Turkey. We want to make something beautiful with our 100 mukhtars and celebrate İzmir. In this game, we have ephemers, we have the Aegean, we have Turkey, we have our ancestors, we have our flag, we have our homeland. It makes us very happy to live together. I can't explain this feeling. I invite everyone to watch this play.”

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