Technology is Important in the Treatment of Heart Diseases

Technology is Important in the Treatment of Heart Diseases
Technology is Important in the Treatment of Heart Diseases

Private Health Hospital Cardiology Specialist Dr. Serdar Biçeroğlu said that the death rate due to heart diseases, which has increased due to reasons such as increasing stress, unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle and obesity, still ranks first among all deaths.

exp. Dr. Serdar Biçeroğlu pointed out that despite all these technological advances, the fact that heart diseases are still in the first place suggests that something else is needed in order to reduce death rates.

Giving the information that more effective treatments are applied in heart diseases with the developing technology, Uzm. Dr. Biçeroğlu said, “If we evaluate it in the light of historical developments, the medical world has always succeeded in presenting an exciting innovation regarding heart diseases. Despite every successful innovation, the expectation could not be met. Although the understanding of cardiovascular diseases gives the opportunity to develop new treatments, a test to predict heart attack has not been developed yet.

Imaging of the vessels feeding the heart (coronary angiography) has given opportunities to understand diseases. Over time, with the advancement of technology, it has become possible to make balloons and place stents in thin, curved, fully occluded vessels. The use of stents has created a different situation, the phase and type of the disease are more important in stent placement. kazanis gone. The development of drugs used together with stents has increased success and decreased mortality rates. However, this time, more chronic patients started to live, and the risk group expanded.


Cardiology Specialist Dr. Serdar Biçeroğlu pointed out that with the developing technology, computed tomography used in coronary imaging provides an advantage in the diagnosis and treatment process.

Biçeroğlu said, “At the beginning of the 2000s, the imaging technology, which focused on heart MRI, searched for an alternative because it was not practical in imaging the heart, which is a moving organ.

It was precisely in this time period that computerized tomography began to be used in coronary imaging. Technological progress in this field has rapidly met with science and started to offer assistance in understanding the disease. Scientific results were obtained by combining the data obtained from imaging and the follow-up of the applied patients. In the light of this information, risk groups have started to be determined more accurately. With the information obtained from the imaging of all vessels, information about the diseases of the heart vessels, which are thinner than all other vessels, can be obtained.

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