Sea Level Theater Festival Ends in Ayvalık

Ayvalikta Sea Level Theater Festival Ends
Sea Level Theater Festival Ends in Ayvalık

The Ayvalık Sea Level Theater Festival came to an end with a great final after a full 4-day program.

In the stands set up in the Büyükpark area belonging to Ayvalık Municipality, the performances of street artists followed by the play “God of Wildness” took the stage. Famous actors; Güven Kıraç, Binnur Kaya, Levent Ülgen and Dolunay Soysert starred in the play; The story of the parents, who came together to find a middle way after their children's fights, was told in an entertaining language.

At the end of the play, which filled the amphitheater with laughter from thousands of theater lovers, master artists received a standing ovation for minutes.
After the play, the concert given by the group Full Kadehi Ters Tut attracted great attention from young music lovers.

Making a statement to the journalists about the Sea Level Theater Festival, which was held for the first time in Ayvalık, Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin heralded that the festival will continue in the coming years and said, “Because we saw that; Within the scope of the festival program, there were events worthy of Ayvalık. In addition to workshops and children's play performances spread all over the city during the day, the festival program was full with adult theater plays and concerts of famous music groups in the amphitheater in the evenings. I would like to thank everyone who contributed,” he said.

Famous actress Fırat Çelik, who followed the events during the festival and took part in a play, also said, “We have come to the end of a really beautiful festival. I am really happy to be here. Because we watched very good games. It was great to bring entertainment and culture-art together with concerts. The existence of games and theater workshops for children made me very happy. My heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved. "It was a really good festival," he said.

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