Recycling Study at Vodafone Stores

Recycling at Vodafone Stores
Recycling Study at Vodafone Stores

Vodafone has included its stores in the “These Wastes Write Code” project, which it started to encourage the recycling of electronic waste. Accordingly, electronic waste to be collected in Vodafone stores will be recycled in cooperation with Akademi Çevre. kazanwill be raised. With the economic income to be obtained from recycling, coding classes will be opened to schools. The project will start with 90 pilot stores in the first place. Vodafone also prepared online training and video content on Energy Saving and Zero Waste for store employees. The company will give environmental gifts to its employees who attend the training.

Meltem Bakiler Şahin, Vice President of Vodafone Turkey Executive Board, said, “We focus on providing the best experience to our customers with our nearly one thousand stores spread across Turkey. We attach importance to the green transformation of our stores, which we have renewed with a new generation retail approach. In this direction, we are expanding the 'This Waste Writes Code' project, which we have implemented to ensure the correct recycling of electronic waste and to raise awareness on this issue, and which has touched the lives of approximately 3 children with the electronic waste collected for 8000 years, and we are including our stores. Thus, we will ensure that our customers participate in the project, which we have carried out with the support of our employees and corporate business partners. In the first stage, we will recycle the electronic wastes to be collected in our 90 pilot stores. kazanWe will continue to open new coding classes in different provinces of Turkey. We invite all our customers to join our recycling campaign and contribute to environmental sustainability.”

Environmental identity for stores

Natural and nature-friendly materials are used in Vodafone's new generation sustainable stores. While the ceiling panels in these stores consist of 100% recycled materials, the material used on the floor is obtained from linoleum, which is 97% natural. Embalmed plants that do not need irrigation are used on the green wall created with the concept of "environment" in the stores. Vodafone aims to reach a recycling rate of close to 100% by evaluating the old furniture coming out of its stores, decorated with a new design approach, through its digital business partners channel.

Waste turns into coding class

Vodafone collects the electronic waste brought from the homes of its employees, business partners and customers and ensures that it is recycled by the licensed recycling company Akademi Çevre, with the “This Waste Writes Code” project, in which it blends the goals of supporting education and reducing its environmental impact. With the economic income generated from recycling, a coding class is established in schools within the scope of the “Coding Tomorrow” project carried out in cooperation with Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association. Within the scope of the “These Wastes Write Codes” project launched in May 2019, coding classes have been opened in 7 provinces, namely Mardin, Samsun, Adana, Gaziantep, Uşak, Bingöl and Çanakkale. Corporate business partners have been supporting the project since 2020. Currently, 41 companies collect e-waste with the support of more than 28 thousand employees.

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