Halk Ekmek Will Buy Wheat From Istanbul Farmers

Halk Ekmek Will Buy Wheat From Istanbul Farmers
Halk Ekmek Will Buy Wheat From Istanbul Farmers

Istanbul People's Bread (IHE) will purchase wheat from farmers in Istanbul to support domestic producers. Farmers who want to sell their product to IMM with the price guarantee for July will be able to apply on the website of Halk Ekmek until June 24.

Providing service within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), IHE supports farmers who are experiencing hard times due to high input costs. Istanbul Halk Ekmek will purchase wheat directly from farmers producing within the provincial borders during the 2022 harvest period. In order for farmers to sell wheat to IMM, they must have a 'Farmer Registration System' or a membership to the Chamber of Agriculture.


HRE will purchase wheat with the average price guarantee for July. With the advance payment to be made during the delivery of the weighbridge, the farmer will receive half of the sales price early. After the wheat sale, the advance price of 3 thousand liras per ton will be deposited into the account of the farmers within 2 working days. Committed to purchasing a maximum of 60 tons from each farmer, IMM aims to reach more farmers and supports small producers in this way. In this way, IMM provides sales and collection guarantees to farmers experiencing economic difficulties.

Making an evaluation on the subject, Okan Gedik, General Manager of Istanbul Halk Ekmek, said: “The President Ekrem İmamoğluAs always emphasizes, agriculture is a priority issue in Istanbul and agricultural lands need to achieve regular agricultural production. For this reason, our farmers should be supported and encouraged to continue production. Farmers may sometimes be adversely affected by the fierce competition of the wheat market and have to sell their harvest below the average price. Thanks to this project, led by President İmamoğlu to support the farmer, the wheat will be supplied from our own farmer with a guaranteed sales, without worrying about selling the wheat at a base price. It will turn into bread in our own production facilities and be a guest at the tables of the people of Istanbul.”

For the wheat commitments they will make to the farmers, Istanbul Halk Ekmek's; He will fill out and sign the form published on the ihe.istanbul website. Commitment forms will be collected in the Chambers of Agriculture to which they are affiliated. Detailed information about the campaign is on the website of Istanbul Halk Ekmek.

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