Istanbul Airport Received the 'Skytrax 2 Star Airport' Award for the 5nd Time

Istanbul Airport Receives Skytrax Starry Airport Award Once
Istanbul Airport Receives Skytrax 2 Star Airport Award for the 5nd Time

Taking firm steps forward in the world aviation scene with the international awards it has received, IGA Istanbul Airport will be in 2020 according to the assessment of Skytrax, which is shown as one of the most important aviation organizations. kazanThis year, it won the “5 Star Airport” award, which kazanhas proven its success.

IGA Istanbul Airport, Turkey's gateway to the world, continues to be the pride of Turkish aviation with the international awards it has received recently. Repeating its success in 2020, İGA Istanbul Airport won the "Skytrax 5 Star Airport" award this year as well. kazanarak was a great success. Within the scope of the “2022 World Airport Awards”, İGA Istanbul Airport also received the International Awards for the World's Most Family-Friendly Airport, the World's Best Shopping Experience Airport, and Southern Europe's Best Airport. kazanand brought Turkish aviation to the top. İGA Istanbul Airport also made great progress and ranked 8th in the list of "The Best Airports in the World".

IGA Istanbul Airport, which was registered as a "1989 Star Airport" in 5 and 2020 by the London-based aviation institute Skytrax, founded by the International Airports Council in 2022, surpassed 2022 airports in the 550 World Airport Awards and won three awards.

The awards are determined through the World Airport Survey by airport customers of more than 8 nationalities during the 100-month survey period. While the survey covers check-in, transfers, shopping, security, and inspections at the immigration office, customer experience is evaluated across airport service and product key performance indicators.

IGA Istanbul Airport once again reached 5 Stars after one year

The annual global airport customer satisfaction survey is voted on by customers, while Skytrax, the most prestigious registration for the airport industry, oversees service quality across the airport. As a result of intensive physical inspections that lasted for 3 days, including comprehensive arrangements and detailed preparation process, the excellence of the passenger experience of IGA Istanbul Airport was certified with the highest rating of 5 Stars. Skytrax inspectors are in charge of the parking lot, public transportation, website, mobile application, security/passport control, basic passenger services, stores, food and beverage areas, luggage, which affect the inbound, transfer and inbound passenger experience of IGA Istanbul Airport, which is the international hub. by experiencing every touchpoint such as reception; He meticulously examined the service offered at these points, the ease of access to service, and passenger comfort.

In the inspections, in which every point affecting the passenger travel experience is comprehensively evaluated, basic processes such as security, check-in, passport, customs, cleaning, baggage claim, as well as basic services, food and beverage areas, shopping points, lounges, etc., are inspected in detail by experts. was subjected.

“IGA Istanbul Airport's Service Quality Has Been Certified!”

Attending the award ceremony held as part of the Passenger Terminal EXPO event in Paris, the capital of France, on Thursday, June 16, 2022, IGA Digital Services and Trade made statements regarding the registration of IGA Istanbul Airport with 5 Stars for the second time and being deemed worthy of three grand awards. Ersin Inankul, our Deputy General Manager Responsible for; “As IGA Istanbul Airport, we continue to represent Turkey in the international arena. Although we are still a very young institution, the quality of service we provide to our passengers has been certified for the second time by an important worldwide aviation authority such as Skytrax. As İGA, we are increasing the level of journey satisfaction we have achieved day by day. Thanks to this approach, we continue to be rewarded by international authorities. In particular, we will develop by putting the customer focus in our airport at the center, and we will continue to serve from 7 to 77 together with our global transfer center mission. In addition to being a 5-Star Airport, we also won the World's Most Family-Friendly Airport, the World's Best Shopping Experience Airport and Southern Europe's Best Airport awards, surpassing 2022 airports in the 550 World Airport Awards. All these precious and prestigious awards are an important proof of how much aviation authorities, especially our passengers, trust IGA and Istanbul Airport. We are proud and happy on behalf of our country that we once again raised the flag of our country to the top and we were able to achieve such a success.” Skytrax CEO, Mr. Edward Plaisted, said: “This is an important award. kazanWe congratulate IGA Istanbul Airport for its success. It continues to receive major awards as the World's Most Family-Friendly Airport, the World's Best Shopping Experience Airport, and Southern Europe's Best Airport. These awards clearly show that IGA Istanbul Airport offers a high level of customer satisfaction in these areas. The Most Family Friendly Airport category is a new award created in 2022 and this award of IGA Istanbul Airport kazanIt is an excellent achievement,” he said.

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