Indian IndiGo Restarts Flights from New Delhi to Istanbul

Indian IndiGo Restarts Turkey Flights
Indian IndiGo Restarts Flights to Turkey

India-based IndıGo Airlines, which stopped its flights to Turkey in 2020 due to the corona virus epidemic, restarted its scheduled flights to Istanbul Airport after two years.

Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, many countries went to closure in 2020, and in this context, airline companies decided to stop international flights. IndıGo Airlines, which stopped its flights to Turkey due to the epidemic, started flying to Turkey again after a two-year hiatus. In this context, the cabin crews arriving at Istanbul Airport on the Airbus A321 type scheduled plane that took off from New Delhi, the capital of India, were greeted with flowers.

Passengers who came to the check-in room to have their tickets and baggage procedures done before the flight from Istanbul Airport to New Delhi were greeted with flowers and chocolates by the Turkish Ground Services (TGS) staff, which provides ground handling services to the airline company. The airline will operate reciprocal flights on the Istanbul-New Delhi route every day of the week. In line with the increasing demand, it is expected that the flights will increase.

Günceleme: 02/06/2022 14:44

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