Maritime Security Cooperation from NATO and STM

Maritime Security Cooperation from NATO and STM
Maritime Security Cooperation from NATO and STM

A Goodwill Protocol was signed between NATO Maritime Security Center of Excellence (MARSEC COE) and STM. STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz, MARSEC COE Director, Marine Senior Colonel Sümer Kayser and relevant officials attended the ceremony held at STM Headquarters building on 29 June 2022.

With the signed protocol, STM and NATO MARSEC COE aim to work on various joint projects in the field of ensuring maritime security. Within this framework, STM ThinkTech, Turkey's first technology-oriented think tank, is planned to take part in the projects. STM ThinkTech, which has accomplished important works with its qualified human resources and knowledge; aims to provide innovative solutions to NATO MARSEC COE in modeling, simulation and decision support systems.

Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM, mentioned that STM ThinkTech develops technological predictions, possible scenarios and decision support systems with its know-how and capabilities, and said, “We produce original models from the domestic ecosystem to critical international organizations. We are excited to have signed a new cooperation with the NATO Maritime Security Center of Excellence, following the Elasticity Model we have specially developed to support NATO's decision processes. We will continue to diversify our national engineering solutions nationally and internationally, and to cooperate with important institutions such as NATO.”

NATO's choice was STM

STM ThinkTech, which provides consultancy services in a wide range from NATO to civil and local organizations, had previously exported to NATO in the field of decision support systems. NATO Integrated Elasticity Decision Support Model developed by STM to support NATO's decision-making processes in the face of strategic shocks such as pandemics, large-scale power outages, cyber attacks and human movements; plays an important role in the correct analysis of the effects of large-scale, complex problems and in determining the roadmaps to be drawn by decision makers.

STM, which also carries out projects for NATO in the field of command and control, has successfully completed the NATO Integration Core (INT-CORE) Project, which will significantly support situational awareness throughout the battlefield. INT-CORE, which ensures that the right information is given to the decision makers at the right time; command and control, joint picture, battlefield, mission, etc. It includes command and control business processes to support the dissemination of information about STM also delivered the NATO Afghanistan Mission Network Integration Core (AMN INT CORE) Project.

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