General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works will Procure 26 Contracted Lawyers

General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works
General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works

📩 30/06/2022 12:40

In accordance with Article 657/B of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, 26 full-time contracted Lawyers, whose provinces and numbers are specified below, were assigned to the position “28/6 on the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel published in the Official Gazette dated 1978/16330/6 and numbered 6. Within the framework of the "Decision of the Council of Ministers dated /1978 and numbered 7/15754", the placement will be made on the basis of the 2020 Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS) (B) group score, without a written and/or oral exam by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works.

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The qualifications sought in the applicants, the general conditions in Article 657 of the Law No. 48 and the special conditions specified for the announced vacant position are sought:
1. Being a Turkish Citizen
2. To have completed the age of 18 t as of the application deadline
3. Not to be deprived of public rights
4. Even if the periods specified in the 53rd Street of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of leave, fraudulent Not to be convicted of bankruptcy, bid rigging, rigging of performance, laundering property values ​​arising from crime or smuggling
5. In terms of military situation;
a) Not related to military service
b) Not being of military age
c) If he has reached the age of military service, he has done his regular military service or has been postponed or transferred to the reserve class.
6. Not to have a disease or similar condition that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously.


(26): Aydın (l), Artvin (3), Erzurum (1), Isparta (1), Kahramanmaraş (2), Kastamonu (2), Kars (3), Mardin/Dargeçit (3), Samsun (l) , Sivas (1), Sanliurfa (3),
Trabzon (1), Van (4).


1. Applications will start at 1 am on 18 July 2022 and will end at 9.30 on 28 July 2022.
2. Applications, electronically e-Government — General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works - Career Gate Public Recruitment
or Career Gate will be made electronically on the website with e-Government password.
3. The requests of candidates who do not apply through the Career Gateway website ( will not be considered, and applications made in person, via cargo or mail will not be accepted.
4. There is no limitation in the choice, each candidate will be able to make as many choices as the number of provinces.


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