What should be done to get rid of excess weight?

What to Do to Get Rid of Excess Weight
What to Do to Get Rid of Excess Weight

Excess weight is the problem of many people. So what should be done to get rid of excess weight? Dietitian Leyla Zülfüqarlı gave important information about the subject. How can we save children from obesity? Do women lose weight faster or men? Is it possible to lose weight with green tea? Is it okay to apply internet diets?

Why do so many people in the world suffer from excess weight?

There are many causes of obesity. Its main causes are malnutrition and hormonal disorders. Both are caused by improper diet and lifestyle. Hormonal disorders are also caused by malnutrition. Every obesity has an absolute medical cause. Therefore, these reasons should be investigated first and then diets should be applied.

How can we save children from obesity?

The main causes of obesity in children are malnutrition. Parents do not choose the food they give their children. Children are difficult to manage, and parents give them what they love. Fast food and processed foods, which have become a problem all over the world, cause obesity. The main reason for this is that the body's sugar does not respond to the insulin secreted by the pancreas. Such children can gain weight even by eating fruits that we call healthy. We also work with children and do our best to help them lose weight.

Do women lose weight faster or men?

It is not possible to say for sure, it depends on the metabolism. Just as the cause of obesity is different for everyone, the timing of weight loss is also different. We can say that women over the age of 40 are more exposed to chemicals. In the past, women used to apply nail polish on their nails, but now they use nail polish or gel. This indirectly affects hormones and leads to obesity.

Some people say they gain weight when they drink water. Is this possible?

Actually, these people don't lie. There are people who swell when they drink water. They also think that water makes them fat. There are serious medical reasons behind why water causes bloating in humans. It causes swelling in these people as a result of water-electrolyte metabolism disorders. It is possible to get rid of this problem with treatment. I also have patients with this problem. Even after 15 days of treatment, they notice that they no longer swell when they drink more water.

What can we replace desserts with?

Sweets belong to the group of carbohydrates. And sweets have their own group. I can explain that desserts are simple and complex. Simple desserts include every dessert we've ever gotten our hands on. When you think of dessert, cake and cookies come to mind immediately. The more we eat them, the less we seem to need sweets, but the more we want to eat them. Complex desserts are dried fruits, cookies and honey. When we eat them, we satisfy our need for sweets and we do not want sweets again during the day. Sometimes it's not how we eat, it's what we eat that matters. We can even eat cake if we want. When a person is hungry, they always want sweets, and when that happens, we eat more carbohydrates. Therefore, we can eat normally during the day and have an extra slice of cake.

Is it possible to lose weight with green tea?

We all know the benefits of green tea, but there may be disadvantages if consumed more than the measure without doctor's advice. Sometimes people think that if they drink green tea they will lose weight, they drink green tea all day. In this case, we see that the calcium-phosphorus metabolism is disturbed. In such a situation, I do not recommend drinking green tea.

Is it okay to apply internet diets?

Following such diets is very harmful from a medical point of view. Sometimes people look for a miraculous food to eat and lose weight. Such a thing is impossible. You need to stay away from stereotypical diets. Because the diet is specially prescribed for people after the examination. There are foods that cause one person to lose weight and another to gain weight.

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