Who is Muazzez Ersoy, how old is he and where is he from? Muazzez Ersoy Life and Songs

Who is Muazzez Ersoy, How old is he and Where is Muazzez Ersoy from? His Life and Songs
Who is Muazzez Ersoy, How old is he and Where is Muazzez Ersoy from? Life and Songs

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Hatice Yıldız Levent or Muazzez Ersoy with her stage name was born on August 9, 1958 in Edirne, Uzunköprü.33. The artist, who was awarded the title of State Artist in 1998, which was started to be given by the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture in the Turkish Government, is also known as the “Queen of Nostalgia” due to her success in the nostalgic songs she sang. The artist was selected as the “goodwill ambassador” of the United Nations Refugee Organization in 2006.

The biggest factor in the artist's interest in music, whose childhood and youth was spent in the Kasımpaşa district of Istanbul, was his mother's interest and love for music. This passion of his mother influenced the artist in his youth and after he finished secondary school, he decided to continue his education by taking music lessons. She took lessons from music teachers such as İrfan Özbakır and Baki Duyarlar. The artist spent his savings, which he earned by working as a «shop clerk», for music lessons. He married at a young age in 1974 and remained married for two years. He had a son named Ender from this marriage. She continued to take music lessons after she broke up with her husband.

He first appeared on the stage as a headliner at the Istanbul Pembe Köşk Casino in 1982. By the way, she participated in the exam held by TRT Ankara Radio in 1985, but she couldn't win. She started working with Cahit Ünyaylar, one of the chiefs of TRT Ankara Radio, in 1989. Ersoy was audited with six works of his own, which he sent to TRT in 1990, and began to address his audience from the screens.

Muazzez Ersoy first met with his audience with his album Seven Olmaz ki. Then, her second album, Everything My Sensin, was released. Later, he signed with Raks Music and achieved great success with his work titled I Love You. He worked with artists such as Selçuk Tekay and Ali İhsan Kısaç on this album.

Known for her original songs "Kal Bu Gece" and "Adequate Mi" before the Nostalgia series, which reached very high sales figures, the artist, previously interpreted from the Nostalgia series, "Kill My Heart", "Let's Leave With Love", "Intizar", "Love Me Karagözlüm". ”, “Aşkın Kanun” and “Autumn Roses”. He meets with the television audience in the "Star Night" program broadcast on TRT Music. She presented the Wheel of Fortune competition program at TGRT.


  • 1991 Who Can't Love
  • 1992 You Are My Everything
  • 1993 I Love You
  • 1994 Without Sensibility This
  • 1994 Being With You
  • 1995 Nostalgia
  • 1996 Nostalgia 2
  • 1997 Nostalgia 3
  • 1998 Nostalgia 4-5-6
  • 1999 Nostalgia 7-8-9
  • 2000 Nostalgia
  • 2002 For You
  • 2004 I Love You
  • 2006 Ungrateful
  • 2007 Nostalgia from the Queen
  • 2010 Mosaic
  • 2013 Come With Songs
  • Pop from 2016 90

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