Küçükköy Teferic Festivals Showed Colorful Views

Kucukkoy Teferic Festivals Showed Colorful Images
Küçükköy Teferic Festivals Showed Colorful Views

The traditional 5th Küçükköy Teferic Festival was the scene of colorful scenes. The festival, which started with the cortege march and opening speeches, took place for two days with concerts, performances and events with full and intense participation. Visiting the stands where local foods and products are sold, the visitors were amazed by the culture and flavors of Küçükköy.

Saying that Teferic Festivals brought tourism activity not only to Küçükköy but also to a wide region throughout Ayvalık, Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin said, “Our citizens, who have been living in these lands for nearly a century, have continued to welcome the awakening of nature, keeping their traditions, customs and cultures alive. Together with Teferic, we realized the fifth of this festival, reflecting the real characteristics of Bosnian traditions and culture and keeping them alive. This festival is organized in a context that benefits the whole region as well as its cultural elements. At the stands here, our women brought their handicraft products together with the citizens. Visitors enjoyed both delicacies and fun activities throughout the day. In the evening, they enjoyed both world music and Balkan melodies at the concerts held in Ağaçaltı Mevkii. The festive enthusiasm that continued for two days continued with booth visits on Sunday as well.”

Stating that thousands of participants shopped at hundreds of stands during the festival and had fun with activities that lasted throughout the day, Mayor Ergin expressed that the enthusiasm of the festival was experienced to the fullest in Küçükköy.

The first day of Teferic Festivals started with a cortege march in front of Ayvalık Municipality Küçükköy Service Building. The cortege march, attended by hundreds of people, colorful with music and performances, ended in Küçükköy Square. After the opening speeches of Ayvalık District Governor Hasan Yaman and Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin, the stands where the most beautiful food and costumes and souvenirs of the Balkan culture, which were set up for the Teferic Festival, were visited.

Within the two-day event where all the examples of Balkan culture to be presented to the participants were exhibited, popular Rumelian music artists Shukar Muzika and Havva Karakaş also gave a concert.

Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin said, “It was very nice to host thousands of our guests at the 5th Traditional Küçükköy Teferic Festival and to experience this enthusiasm all together. We met with you again in Teferic after the pandemic bans and we will continue to meet with the same enthusiasm and excitement. You can be sure that I will do everything with you. Thank you all for your participation," he said.

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