Festival Bringing Generation Z Together: FestZ

Festival FestZ Bringing Generation Z Together
Festival FestZ Bringing Generation Z Together

Istanbul is experiencing a first this year. Setting off with the motto of “Istanbul's youth festival”, FestZ brings together experience, education, inspiration and entertainment on 10-11-12 June at the Museum Gazhane, under the main sponsorship of Akbank. FestZ, which is designed to prepare young people for professional life and to say a colorful hello to summer; With its content and scope, it will provide young people with an unusual experience.

FestZ, which will come to life under the umbrella of MediaCat and with the main sponsorship of Akbank: an inspiration and development meeting for young people, where they will develop their skills and competencies, and an entertainment festival where they will relieve the tiredness of the academic year.

A Solid Start to Your Personal Development Journey

Seminars on professional skills and competence occupy an important place in FestZ's agenda. Seminars, panels and inspiration meetings focusing on different areas from technology to culture, from economy to personal development; will offer new insights to young people.

In this context, young people will acquire colorful skills for the future with “Creative Portfolio Meetings” to be held on fashion, architecture, animation and graphic/illustration, and workshops on DJing, upcycling, games and maintenance-repair.

The talks on digital art galleries and new technologies will focus on the cyber future, the relationship between NFTs and the gaming industry, digital activism and decentralized structures.

Topics that focus on the health of both the individual and the world are also among the contents that will find their place in FestZ. Workshops that emphasize good life and wellness, especially coffee, chocolate and mocktail, and a series of trainings in the field of food and beverage will also be implemented for young people.

The Heart of Entertainment Will Beat at the Museum Gazhane on 10-12 June

In addition to educational and insightful content, another important topic on FestZ's agenda is entertainment! Musicians, comedians and stage performers will make a strong start to the summer for three days on 10-11-12 June. Influencer meetups, pop culture sohbetYoung people will have the opportunity to access different experiences at the same time, with autograph sessions, game sessions and street delicacies to be held with authors, as well as inspiration seminars and creative portfolio meetings.

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