Who is Hüseyin Tatlı, how old is he? Where is Hüseyin Tatlı from, Whose Brother Is He Married?

Who Is Huseyin Tatli How Old Is Huseyin Tatli From Where Is His Brother Married?
Who Is Hüseyin Tatlı, How Old Is Hüseyin Tatlı Where From, Whose Brother, Is He Married?

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Hüseyin Tatlı is the youngest of eight siblings. Like his older brother İbrahim Tatlıses, he turned to the field of music and sang popular pieces in this context. Tatlı has two children. He is originally from Şanlıurfa.

Tatlı was born in 1973 and is the youngest of eight siblings. Hüseyin Tatlı, who is mentioned as the brother of İbrahim Tatlıses in the media, is an artist like his older brother. He lived in Ankara for many years and then settled in Istanbul.

Hüseyin Tatlı, who was born in Mersin in 1973 and later told that he moved to Urfa, lost his father when he was two years old. Tatlı, married twice, has a daughter named Asya and a son named Can from these marriages.

Hüseyin Tatlı, who took his place in the music market with the albums Vargınlık Yeter in 2000, Bil Wanted and Pardon in 2016, is originally from Şanlıurfa by his father.

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