What are the Documents Required for Making DASK?


Compulsory earthquake insurance in Turkey, which is an earthquake country, is an insurance that every property owner should have. However, it is important to be prepared for the information required to have a TCIP and to obtain the documents quickly. Ethica Insurance Deputy General Manager Işıl Akyol gave important information about the documents required to have TCIP and what should be considered in the TCIP process.

These documents are required when making DASK

Akyol, Deputy General Manager of Ethica Sigorta, made the following suggestions for homeowners who want to have TCIP:

DASK is a compulsory insurance for home owners. In home buying and selling processes, homeowners may experience confusion about the required documents during TCIP. When taking out TCIP insurance, the lack and accuracy of the documents is very important, because the policy is prepared according to these documents. applicable to residential compulsory earthquake insurance For this, five important information is requested by insurance companies. The first of these is the TR identity number and the name and surname of the person who will take out the insurance. Secondly, the address, and thirdly, the mobile phone. In the fourth article, the title deed, which contains technical-official information about the building and its damage, and finally, the gross square meter measurement of the flat is required during TCIP. In the information about the buildings to be insured, in addition to the open address, the building style, number of floors, and damage status must be specified. Missing this information can cause serious problems in the insurance process. For this reason, while making TCIP, the documents should be prepared completely. If the insured party is not a person but a company, then legal person information such as tax number is required.

How is DASK done, what should be considered?

With the TCIP policy inquiry, the current TCIP status of a house can be learned. TCIP renewal and TCIP payment processes, which house owners search for earthquake insurance prices, are required when creating a new subscription for houses. TCIP, where the fee can be paid online and insurance offers can be obtained, is required before connecting electricity, water and natural gas as a compulsory insurance. In case of errors in the documents, insurance cannot be made, so the accuracy of the information is the most important issue. In TCIP, which is a compulsory insurance type that provides assurance against earthquake risk, offers of insurance companies can be examined to get a good price. It should also be noted that regardless of other insurance types, TCIP prices do not change and can be purchased quickly over the internet. The important thing to know about the renewal process regarding this insurance is that the policy is renewed annually. TCIP, which must be renewed before the policy expires, insures the building and the flat against the risk of earthquakes. – Milli Gazete News Agency

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