Toyota Accelerates Hydrogen Mobility in Europe

Toyota Accelerates Hydrogen Mobility in Europe
Toyota Accelerates Hydrogen Mobility in Europe

Toyota continues its efforts to support and advance environmentally friendly hydrogen technology. In this context, Toyota signed a memorandum of understanding with Air Liquide and CaetanoBus to develop integrated hydrogen solutions.

This agreement includes infrastructure development efforts and new vehicle fleets to accelerate the use of hydrogen in both light and heavy commercial vehicles. The cooperation signed by the three companies reflects the aim of contributing to the decarbonization of transportation and offering multiple mobility solutions.

With the agreement, the three companies will also demonstrate their complementary expertise, addressing the entire value chain of hydrogen mobility. In this value chain; There will be many elements such as renewable or low-carbon hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution, hydrogen filling infrastructure and the widespread use of hydrogen in different vehicle segments. These will include the integration of hydrogen technology into buses, light commercial vehicles and automobiles.

Through collaboration with key players in hydrogen mobility, Toyota will explore joint opportunities, increase demand and offer solutions that will facilitate hydrogen access for other mobility applications. These efforts will also contribute to the emergence of new hydrogen ecosystems across Europe. This new initiative also represents an important step towards European governments' readiness for new hydrogen technologies and reducing CO2 emissions.

Toyota underlined that thanks to this cooperation, hydrogen and hydrogen infrastructure costs will gradually decrease, while at the same time it will create new opportunities in the field of mobility.

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