Porsche Opened Turkey's First Battery Repair Center

Porsche Activates Turkey's First Battery Repair Center
Porsche Opened Turkey's First Battery Repair Center

Porsche opened Turkey's first battery repair center at Porsche Authorized Dealer and Service, Doğuş Oto Kartal. The facility, which will provide battery repair and improvement services for electric vehicles, especially Porsche cars, has become one of the 26 repair centers of Porsche in the Middle East Europe (PCEE) region, where 8 countries are located.

Porsche continues to invest in the development of the electric car ecosystem in Turkey. Porsche, the first automobile brand to establish a charging network for electric cars in our country with the investment in charging stations since 2019, has now put Turkey's first battery repair center into service at the Porsche service located in Doğuş Oto Kartal.

Battery repair cost and time will be reduced

Providing information about the battery repair center, Porsche Turkey After-Sales Services Manager Süleyman Bulut Ejder said, “This facility is designed to serve other countries as well. We can provide repair services from an electric vehicle battery to its sub-parts. We will reduce costs and shorten repair times for batteries that need to be changed in case of failure or accident. With the experience we have gained as the Porsche team, we plan to serve the Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, CUPRA and Skoda brands at this facility in the future.”

Süleyman Bulut Ejder stated that they have started work on the recycling of the unused parts of the batteries in this facility, and said, "We also continue our studies on the use of usable battery modules that will not be recycled, in the process of charging the vehicles with dead batteries in our emergency service vehicles or in the process of storing electricity in order to benefit from power cuts in our facilities." .

It will establish 3 more battery repair centers

Süleyman Bulut Ejder said the following about the investment plans of Ejder Porsche: “As the Porsche brand, we started the preparations for the e-mobility transformation process with the work of the charging infrastructure that will be offered to our customers at the end of 2019. In this context, with an investment of 2020 million TL for our customers and all electric vehicle users in 7.8, we have established 100 charging stations and 320KW DC Turkey's fastest charging station throughout Turkey. Apart from Turkey's first battery repair center investment, we plan to put 2022 AC charging stations, 88 high-speed 6KW DC fast charging stations and 320 battery repair centers into service in 3.”

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