Explanations on the Latest Status of the PN MİLGEM Project

Announcements on the Latest Status of the PN MILGEM Project
Explanations on the Latest Status of the PN MİLGEM Project

Emre Koray Gençsoy, Director of ASFAT Naval Platforms, made statements about the latest status of the PN MİLGEM project from his social media account. In the statement: “The ship PNS BADR was successfully launched at the KS&EW shipyard in accordance with the project schedule. I would like to thank our team in Karachi for their valuable efforts. I sincerely congratulate our team, stakeholders and KS&EW shipyard employees, the value of their sweat is enormous. Behind this success; There is a great team that I am honored to be a part of, which is on the field, struggling to be a part of the solution, that produces solutions, not excuses, to catch the calendar, despite the high air temperature and COVID conditions, day and night. “he used the phrases.

In the continuation of the statement, Gençsoy said, “PNMILGEM 2 (PNS BADR), the 3nd ship of the series, met with water in time, just like the 1st ship of the series, PNMILGEM 1 (PNS BABUR). production continues within the ITK (Istanbul Shipyard Command) in accordance with the plan.” said.

Within the scope of the PN MİLGEM Project, two of the ships are being built at Istanbul Shipyard Command and two at KS&EW (Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works), Pakistan's oldest shipyard, under the main contractor of ASFAT. The first ship of the project, the Babur ship, was launched on 15 August 2021. According to the latest information, the latest status of the 4 ships is as follows:

Built at Istanbul Shipyard Command:

  • The first PN MİLGEM ship, BABÜR, was built and entered the dock on January 11, 2022 at the Istanbul Shipyard Command. We learned that it would start the port tests after a long and planned docking process.
  • The second PN MİLGEM ship, KHAIBAR, was laid down on April 30, 2021. The ship is under construction.

Built in Karachi shipyard:

  • BADR, the third PN MİLGEM ship, was laid down at Karachi Shipyard with a ceremony held on 25 October 2020. It was launched on 20 May 2022.
  • The fourth PN MİLGEM Ship, TARIQ, was laid down at Karachi Shipyard as of November 5, 2021. The ship is under construction.


While the MİLGEM project, which was designed and developed with domestic and national resources for the Turkish Navy, bore fruit, Pakistan ordered these ships for its own navy. The PN MİLGEM project was created by making changes in the ship design according to the demands of the Pakistan Navy for the ships ordered by Pakistan.

In PN MİLGEMs, 2 x 6-cell Surface-to-Air Guided Missile Systems, 2 x 3-Launcher Surface-to-Surface Guided Missile Systems, 76 mm Main Battery Gun, Torpedo Launch System, Close Air Defense System, 2 x 25 mm Remote Controlled Stabilized Gun System It has been announced that systems such as (STOP), Hull Mounted Sonar, Torpedo Jamming / Deception System (TKAS) will be installed.

Ships to be produced within the scope of the PN MİLGEM project:

  • PNS Mughal
  • PNS Khaibar
  • PNS Badr
  • PNS Tariq

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