Etimesgut Station Street Alternative Boulevard Gets Full Marks From Capitalists

Etimesgut Istasyon Street Alternative Boulevard Received Full Marks from the Capitalists
Etimesgut Station Street Alternative Boulevard Gets Full Marks From Capitalists

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to provide a more reliable and comfortable transportation to the residents of the Capital.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which started a transportation attack at the points where the traffic turned into gangrene, completed the Etimesgut Station Street Alternative Boulevard Project and opened it to the service of the citizens of the Capital. Citizens who gave full marks to the new boulevard, which solved the chronic traffic problem of years, said that the traffic was noticeably relieved, especially in the morning and evening peak hours.

The transportation attack in the capital continues at full speed. The Metropolitan Municipality, which solved the traffic problem of years with bridges, multi-storey intersections and new ways, completed the Etimesgut Station Street Alternative Boulevard Project.

The cost of the boulevard project, which has a total length of 9 kilometers and consists of 4 railway crossing bridges and 1 underpass, was reported to be 126 million TL.


Residents of the region and citizens using the road gave the project full marks.

Stating that the traffic problem for years has been solved, the people of Başkent expressed their thoughts with the following words:

-Rafet Kurt (Etiler Neighborhood Headman): “It was a very good project. It will greatly reduce the traffic load here. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş and his team very much.”

-Yalçın Çankaya: “I am using the road for the first time. It was very advantageous for the solution of traffic. I am a shuttle driver, it has been very good especially for us. It also shortens the distance. It especially reduces the intensity at the entrance and exit of the working hours.”

-Yasin Avcı: “Traffic decreases not by one click, but by 10 clicks. We've lived here for 30 years. Our crossing from Şaşmaz to Etimesgut took an hour. Now that situation has improved.”

-Batuhan Yolluk: “I think it will reduce the traffic load. Because there were too many red lights, I think it would bypass them.

-Sevgi Onal: “It reduces the traffic load. Now we will go to the airport, for example, we will not have to go through Batıkent. I like it very much, thank you.”

-Nur Muhammed Kantar: “As Etiler residents, we were very satisfied. It has reduced the entire traffic load of Etimesgut. We are very pleased, thank you very much Mr. President.

-Eyüp Oral: “We spent a lot of effort to build this road. We would like to thank our President Mansur.”

-Emre Ünal: “Number ten became five stars. Well done to the President of Mansur.”

-Okan Kara: “It reduces the traffic load. It's an excellent way. It was beautiful.”

-Hüriye Çelikcan: “I am using the road for the first time, it definitely reduces the traffic load a lot.

-Adil Durmuş: "It was great, it was a delayed project anyway."


Citizens who started to use the Alternative Boulevard emphasized that the traffic in the region decreased visibly, especially in the morning and evening peak hours.

Drivers stated that they started to travel comfortably and safely on the new boulevard, where cost information was also shared by ABB via posters and led screens.

-Tarkan Yayla: “Köprülü intersection crossing project took a lot of work. From the back side, there is a crossing and connection road, which will also be of great benefit. These projects make us happy and proud.”

-Hadi Kılıçarslan: “This project reduces traffic. Beautiful account book has been made.”

-Önder Parlak: “It's a nice project. This place wasn't handling that traffic anyway. I hope it will be good for the future, congratulations."

-Veysel Deliktaş: “Everything done for traffic relaxes the traffic, it was nice and on point.”

-Oktay Kavakçı: “It reduces the traffic especially for the minibuses, and it makes the traffic very comfortable.”

-Ufuk Sarıoğlu: “I don't use this road actively, but the job is good, it also reduces traffic.”

-Harun Apay: "We hope it will reduce traffic, we expect the project to continue well."

-Fatma Danaoğlu: "This is a very busy road, it was great that it reduced the traffic."

-Tunahan Güral: "Istasyon Street was very nice, I liked it very much and I would like to thank everyone who contributed."

-Kamuran Erden: "This is the first time I'm passing through Istasyon Street, I really liked it."

-Yasin Uyanık: "May God bless our President Mansur Yavaş, who ended the suffering of the people of Etimesgut and Sincan for years, the traffic has been very relaxed. We can reach our destination in 5 minutes.”

-Suat Çelik: "Our President Mansur Yavaş ended the ordeal of the people of the region for years, I thank everyone who contributed."

-Hakan Ünal: "I really like Istasyon Street, because students and employees use this road, an overpass is needed here, so those who use this road will be able to get to their destinations in a shorter time. I recommend our people to use this place.”

-Kenan Özden: "The people of the region have suffered here for many years. Station Street was opened, albeit late, and I liked it very much. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.''

-Erol Özcan: "Etimesgut really needed such a road, the people of the region were experiencing great difficulties here. I really liked the road.''

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