A New Regulation Coming for the Increasing Rental Prices in Turkey Day by Day

New Arrangement Coming For The Rental Prices That Are Increasing Every Day In Turkey
A New Regulation Coming for the Increasing Rental Prices in Turkey Day by Day

Rental prices, which are increasing day by day in Turkey, are pushing the citizens' budgets. High inflation and the rise in construction costs with the effect of the dollar limit the supply of new housing. While increasing costs and the resulting decrease in housing supply increased the number of tenants, rental fees reached high amounts due to the shortage of houses.

It is stated that the government has started working against rental prices. According to the news of Sabah newspaper, which is known for its closeness to the government, three ministries step in for the rising rent prices. The government's first option on the table will be the ceiling price application to intervene in rental house prices in the free market.


Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum announced that they are working on the subject. Minister Kurum said, “We follow the increase in housing prices, the increase in rent prices, and the access of citizens. At this point, we are working with our Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Treasury and Finance on rent. In addition, we will carry out another project together with our municipalities in order to enable our citizens to buy housing under more favorable conditions. Hopefully, our President will share this with our nation soon," he said.

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