35 Thousand Free Tickets for Art Events for Young People from Izmir

Free Thousand Tickets for Art Events for Young People from Izmir
35 Thousand Free Tickets for Art Events for Young People from Izmir

The project “Your Ticket is in İzmir Art”, which was given the good news by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer within the scope of İzmir Youth Festival, attracted great attention. Applications for the project, which offers 12 thousand tickets for free participation of young people between the ages of 30-35 in concerts, cinema and theater events, filled up in a short time. The project will also support cultural and art producers who are having a hard time.

Thousands of young people applied to the “Your Ticket is in Izmir Art” project, initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to support young people's access to art. With the project, 35 thousand free tickets for concerts, cinema and theater events were made available to young people between the ages of 12-30. With the project where applications are filled in a short time, young people will be able to use their tickets as of Saturday, May 21.

“Young people need socialization”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer announced the project at the youth launch in İnciraltı Urban Forest on May 17 with the following words: “We have young people who do not remember when they last went to a concert, festival or theater. I see it all the time on social media, they look at the events of the past years and emulate them. This is very sad. Young people need to socialize, feed their souls and distract their minds in this period. They need to watch and listen to a beautiful piece of work. I am aware that this need should not be considered a luxury. This year, we are handing out 35 thousand event tickets to you. We will increase this number next year, and we will ensure that you participate in whatever event you can think of, from theater to concerts, from workshops to festivals.”

25 seats from each game of IzBBŞT

With the “Your Ticket is in İzmir Art” project, it is planned that 25 seats will be reserved in each play of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (İzBBŞT) and 2 young people will be able to watch the theater plays for free until the end of the year. 500 tickets from boutique cinemas, which have a place in the cultural life of the city, and 2 thousand tickets from private theaters with halls were included in the project. In addition, seats were allocated for young people in special concerts, theater and similar performing arts events held in culture and art centers belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality, taking into account the capacity of the halls. In this context, a quota of 500 thousand tickets was opened for the events at Kültürpark Atatürk Open Air Theatre, Bornova Aşık Veysel Open Air Theatre, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, Yeşilyurt Mustafa Necati Cultural Center and Basmane Bıçakçı Han.

five tickets per year

With the “Your Ticket is in İzmir Art” project, a person can purchase a maximum of five tickets per year. A purchased ticket cannot be transferred to another person. Those who do not use the deserved ticket twice cannot apply for a new ticket. Announcements can be followed on izmir.art.

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