What is an Executive Driver, What Does He Do, How To Become? Executive Driver Salaries 2022

What Is An Executive Sofor? What Does It Do How To Become?
What is an Executive Driver, What Does He Do, How to Become an Executive Driver Salaries 2022

office driver; It is the person who takes the person or people to their destination safely on time by using the official vehicle in the institution where he/she works. Executive chauffeurs are largely responsible for driving private vehicles for private businesses, economically well-off people or public institutions. The office driver is the person who is responsible for the transportation of the person or people in and out of the city in line with the principles of the institution he works for. He/she serves the institution he/she works by using the equipment of the vehicle given to him/her effectively.

What Does an Executive Driver Do, What Are His Duties?

The office driver has some duties and responsibilities. Some of these are those:

  • Paying attention to your attire
  • To determine the deficiencies by making the general control of the vehicle,
  • To create plans in line with the deficiencies determined,
  • Checking the vehicle's fuel; if it needs fuel,
  • If the vehicle needs oil and water, complete them,
  • Checking the pressure of vehicle tires,
  • Getting information about the route to be followed before setting off,
  • To meet the person or persons to be transported. To set out after ensuring their safety,
  • Comply with traffic rules throughout the journey. Not to endanger the safety of the persons transported,
  • Waiting for the person or persons he or she is carrying in places suitable for parking,
  • Checking the documents required to be in the vehicle. If there are deficiencies, complete them,
  • Complete the periodic maintenance of the vehicle,
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of the vehicle.

How to Become an Executive Driver?

The primary condition for applying for the training of executive driver is to have a driver's license. On the other hand, people who are at least high school graduates have the right to apply for the "Officer Driver Training Program". Persons who want to be an Executive Driver must have certain qualifications;

  1. Must abide by the rules.
  2. Must have work discipline.
  3. Must have a developed sense of place and direction.
  4. Must be able to use time effectively.
  5. Must have a sense of responsibility.
  6. He should pay attention to his appearance.

The purpose of the executive driver training program; is to raise an individual who can meet the transportation needs of the service recipient. Executive driver training program may take 1 or 2 days depending on the program of the training institution. The program consists of 4 hours of theory; It consists of 4 hours, of which 8 hours are applied track training. In theoretical education; Active and Passive Safety Systems, Tire Pressure Control, Anger Control and Fatigue Fighting, VIP Driving Techniques, Defensive Driving Techniques, Protocol Rules, Convoy Tracking Rules are explained. In practical training; Braking Exercise, Obstacle Avoidance Exercise, Cornering Exercise, Rear Sliding Exercise, Convoy Tracking Exercise are explained.

Executive Driver Salaries 2022

The lowest Executive Driver salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.200 TL, the average Executive Driver salary was 7.000 TL, and the highest Executive Driver salary was 12.000 TL.

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