What is Tourist Guiding, What Does It Do, How To Become? Tourist Guide Salaries 2022

What Is A Tourist Guiding What Does It Do How To Become Tourist Guiding Salaries
What is Tourist Guiding, What Does It Do, How To Become? Tourist Guide Salaries 2022

The tour guide; It is the name given to the person who is responsible for accompanying the tour participants about the travel area to be visited in travel organizations and giving them accurate information. Also known as a tourist guide. It accompanies the tour participants on long or short trips.

What Does Tourist Guidance Do, What Are Its Duties?

Tourist Guiding is a very important profession because our country is a touristic place. It is a business that is important as well as very profitable.

  • Welcoming the guests who will participate in the tour at the bus station, at the airport or in front of tour agency companies,
  • To forward the prepared travel documents to the guests,
  • Sharing details such as the departure time and boarding gate of the plane or tour bus with the guests,
  • If the means of travel is an airplane, to act as an intermediary for the guests in the check-in procedures,
  • Checking whether the guests get on the tour vehicles and counting,
  • To act without leaving the tour as much as possible during the trip,
  • Communicating well with guests as first impression is important,
  • Giving introductory information about the destination city and country to the guests,
  • At the end of the tour, to give time for the guests to travel according to their wishes.

How to Become a Tourist Guide?

In order to become a tour guide, one must graduate from the Tourism Guidance or Tourist Guiding departments of the universities. In addition, since foreign languages, especially English, will be needed, language training should also be taken.

The Tourist Guidance section includes many courses. Here are those lessons;
1. Information Technologies
2. Turkish Language
3. General Tourism
4. Anatolian History and Civilizations
5. Archeology
6. Anatolian Folklore Knowledge
7. Foreign Language
8. Tourism Marketing
9. Business
10. Art History

Tourism Marketing, Archeology and Foreign Language courses are very important courses for the Tourist Guidance department. These three courses are compulsory courses to be taken in the Tourist Guidance department. Students studying Tourist Guidance cannot graduate from the department unless they can teach these three courses.

Tourist Guidance Ranking

Based on the data of the schools with the Tourism Guidance Department, the highest base score in 2021 is 406,96486 and the lowest base score is 231,62552. Tourism Guidance's highest success ranking is 13837, and the lowest success is 70292. In addition, the Tourism Guidance Department admits students with the AYT exam. Therefore, you must first pass the 150 threshold determined by taking the TYT exam. If you get enough points in the AYT exam after passing the 150 threshold, you can easily enter this section. The fact that the students who want to study the Tourist Guidance department are very sociable, love to learn a language and know at least one foreign language allows them to complete this department more easily. After studying two years of this department, which also has two years, you can complete 4 years with the DGS exam.

Tourist Guide Salaries 2022

Tourism Guidance Salaries are determined as follows;

Daily Tour 640 TL
Transfer 321 TL
Night Tour 321 TL
Package Tour 772 TL
Monthly Fee 6.400 TL

These fees are base fees. It is illegal for the institutions or companies where Tourist Guides work to pay less than the base wage, and penalties are imposed on both sides. You can work in the tourism sector with Tourist Guidance Certified Training. In this certified training, where trainings such as archeology, art history, Anatolian structures and basic communication are provided, people who want to find a job with the title of tourist guide are provided.
Those who successfully complete this training are given a Tourist Guidance Training Certificate. People with this certificate can start working in certain places as tourist guides.

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