Otokar Returns from the BIG SEE Awards with Two Awards

Otokar Donated Two Awards from BIG SEE Awards
Otokar Returns from the BIG SEE Awards with Two Awards

Making a difference in public transportation in more than 50 countries, as well as Turkey, with the vehicles designed and manufactured according to user expectations, Otokar was deemed worthy of an award by foreign authorities. Otokar crowned its success in design with the BIG SEE Awards 2021 and the European Product Design Award with the Territo U bus last year, and added new ones to its awards. Otokar's BRT version of its Kent Articulated bus and Kent Electra, its electric bus, won awards in the “Mobility” category at the BIG SEE Awards 2022.

One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar continues to add to its successes on international platforms. Otokar, which was deemed worthy of different awards at the BIG SEE Awards 2021 and the European Product Design Award with its Territo U vehicle last year, has proven its success in design this year as well. The company surpassed its competitors in the BIG SEE Awards 2022, a design competition held every year in Europe to explore and encourage creativity.

Otokar participated in the BIG SEE Awards, which contributed to the spread of original works in terms of design, and once again came to the fore in the evaluations of foreign authorities. The BRT version of the Kent Articulated bus and its electric bus Kent Electra, designed in Turkey by Otokar's Commercial Vehicles Industrial Design team, which offers comfortable and safe travel to millions of passengers in more than 50 countries, primarily in Europe, and produced entirely by Otokar engineers. in the category of "Mobility" kazanThere were moments. Hundreds of products from 22 countries competed in 21 categories at the BIG SEE Awards, where 6 jury members took part this year. Otokar was deemed worthy of this award with its Territo bus, which it had previously developed for the European market.

They became the innovative faces of public transportation

With its vehicles designed and developed in line with the needs of the future, Otokar multiplied its successes in the field of public transportation in world metropolises every year and broke new records in exports, and received great acclaim with its electric bus Kent Electra, which went on a European tour last year. Promising a cleaner environment, quieter traffic, lower operating costs and higher efficiency in urban transportation, Kent Electra can offer a range of more than 300 kilometers, depending on the topography and usage profile, on a full charge. Standing out with its high-level comfort, technologies and security solutions in addition to its original design, the vehicle offers better vision and comfort for its passengers with its large interior volume.

Bringing a new breath to busy urban transportation with its original exterior, the Kent Articulated BRT version comes to the fore with its large interior volume, high passenger carrying capacity, comfort details considered to the smallest detail and sharp design line. It was exported shortly after its launch and liked by users. kazanThe vehicle allows all users to get on and off easily and comfortably with its wide double doors at the front, rear and middle. Designed for the public transportation of big cities, the vehicle has all the details for the comfort of the captain as well as the passengers. Reflecting Otokar's innovative design approach, the vehicle can carry 164 passengers.

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