Soyer Speaks About Buca Metro: Cancellation Is Not In Matter

Soyer Talked About Buca Metro
Soyer Talked About Buca Metro

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer met with the executives of the CHP Provincial Organization. Speaking about the Buca Metro during the visit, Soyer said, "We are starting a project that will turn into a success story in Turkey." Party leaders, on the other hand, gave their support by saying "We are always with you".

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer visited the Republican People's Party (CHP) İzmir Provincial Organization. During the visit, CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel, provincial administrators, representatives of women's and youth branches took part. Listening to the demands and suggestions of the party executives, Chairman Soyer gave technical and detailed information about the tender process of the Buca Metro, the biggest investment in Izmir history. The party members drew attention to the harmony between the organization and the municipality and supported Mayor Soyer with the words "We are always with you". President Soyer pointed out the importance of coming together frequently for healthy communication and coordination and said, "You are my closest person."

“Extraordinarily successful work has been done”

Touching on the developments in the public about the Buca Metro tender in detail, Mayor Soyer stated that the process was carried out very meticulously. Stating that an extraordinarily successful work was done during the financing of the project, Soyer said, “We are making a project that will pay for itself in 13 years. Such projects in the world finance themselves with terms of 25-30 years. In our project, neither the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality nor anyone else has any money. It's a self-rotating system. There is no cancellation status. The project will be completed without any deviations in the Buca Metro schedule. Have no hesitation. We are starting a project that will turn into a success story in Turkey.”

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