A 40 percent hike in public transportation in Istanbul! Here are the New Fees

A 40 percent hike in public transportation in Istanbul! Here are the New Fees
A 40 percent hike in public transportation in Istanbul! Here are the New Fees

For the sustainability of public services in Istanbul and for the transportation tradesmen to breathe a little, all public transportation vehicles have been hiked by 40 percent. The 50 percent increase demand of public transportation tradesmen was also limited to 40 percent. The decision was taken unanimously in UKOME. The new prices will go into effect on Saturday, April 9th.

The extraordinary meeting of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) was held at Yenikapı Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center.

A compromise was reached in the third extraordinary meeting, which was held with the agenda of compulsory increase in public transportation fees due to the serious cost increases in recent months.

IMM Secretary General, Can Akın Çağlar, announced that after long negotiations with the government representatives, they decided to increase all public transportation vehicles by 40 percent for the sustainability of public services and for the tradesmen to breathe a little.

The proposal, which was put to the vote, was accepted unanimously, after the Ministry representatives put an annotation on the previous ticket price of 5,48, which they submitted to the court.


Accordingly, the price of electronic tickets, which was 5,48 in Istanbul, rose to 7,67 liras, the first transfer increased from 3,92 liras to 5,48 liras, and the full subscription fee increased from 430 liras to 602 liras.

The student discount ticket price increased from 2,67 lira to 3,74 lira, the student subscription fee from 78 lira to 109 lira, and the teacher discount ticket price from 3,92 lira to 5,49 lira.

The yellow taxi taximeter opening fee of 7 liras was determined as 9,8 lira, the short distance of 20 lira was 28 lira, the minibus with 3,75 lira was 5,25 lira, the school shuttle fee from 396-0 km was 1 lira was determined as 554 lira. . The personnel service fee, which was 211 TL (the first departure of the vehicle with a capacity of 10 to 17 seats), was arranged as 295 TL. The new prices will come into effect from Saturday, April 9th.

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