Kapikule Border Station Is Extremely Important For Both Passenger And Freight Transport

Kapikule Border Station Is Extremely Important For Both Passenger And Freight Transport
Kapikule Border Station Is Extremely Important For Both Passenger And Freight Transport

TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük, Deputy General Manager Erol Arıkan, Istanbul Regional Manager Uğur Taşkınsakarya, Istanbul Regional Assistant Managers İsmail Özdemir and Bilge Bilal Yiğit, the relevant heads of departments and the accompanying delegation visited the Istanbul Regional Directorate and business on 21-22 April 2022. visited their places.

One of the Main Purposes of Our Workplace Visits is to See on-Site and Approach the Problems Correctly

The General Manager, who started his visits from the Kapıkule border station, the gateway of railway transportation to Europe, provided a meeting with the personnel of Kapıkule. Emphasizing that examining the problems on the spot is the most effective way to create solutions, the General Manager: “One of the main purposes in our workplace visits is to see the problems on site and approach them correctly. Visiting the personnel in every corner of our country and listening to their problems is a great step towards the progress of our General Directorate. I believe that the personnel who enjoy their job and do not deal with other problems will always work more efficiently, so I attach great importance to our visits.” said.

During his visit to Kapıkule, Pezük underlined that Kapıkule, with its feature of being a border station, is extremely important in both passenger and freight transportation. Pezük: “Our Istanbul Regional Directorate has an extremely important place in our organization with its population, Marmaray project, lands included in the European continent and YHT potential. Therefore, we have high expectations from the potential of this region and its personnel. Our Kapıkule border crossing is even more important with the high-speed train line under construction and the Istanbul Sofia Express, which will resume its services on April 25. kazanwill work. Our increased load potential with the appreciation of the Middle Corridor, and our passenger capacity, which has increased with the projects implemented, place critical tasks on all of us. My expectation from all personnel is to set their goals high and to fulfill our duty in order to reach them. Providing safe transportation that will increase the brand value of TCDD Tasimacilik should be the first goal of each personnel in their working life.” used the phrases.

In 2021, We Transported Almost 300 Thousand Tons of Food and Construction Materials From Our Workplaces Located Here

Passing to Edirne after Kapıkule, Pezuk visited the guesthouse on the train. Emphasizing that it is important for the personnel working on the train to feel at home and to rest comfortably during resting hours, Pezuk stated that the guesthouse standards have been increased for this purpose.

After visiting Lüleburgaz and Alpullu workplaces, Pezük examined the loading and unloading processes on site. Pezük: “In 2021, we transported nearly 300 thousand tons of cargo, mainly food and construction materials, from our workplaces here. Our goal is to create more logistics capacity with the understanding of safe transportation.” said.

Visit Çorlu and ÇerkezköyContinuing with the workplaces in , Pezuk emphasized the importance of improving the working environments and processes of all personnel in order to further increase the load carrying potential.

At the end of the day, the General Manager and the accompanying delegation organized an evaluation meeting for business visits, the solutions to the problems encountered, the actions to be taken to improve the working environment, the trainings needed for the regional personnel and the responsibilities of the personnel for a safe railway transportation and the penal sanctions that they will face when they do not fulfill these responsibilities. provided an interview about

Vehicle-Maintenance Operations are of Vital Importance for the Healthy Conduct of Railway Traffic

General Manager Pezük started the second day of his visit to Istanbul Regional Directorate with Çatalca and Ömerli stations. Emphasizing that demand is increasing day by day due to the environmental factors and high capacity of the truck corset transportation launched to Europe, Pezük received information about the truck corset, container loading areas and the variety of cargo transported from this region. Later on HalkalıThe General Manager and the accompanying delegation transferred to; Halkalı The logistics center continued its investigations in Marmaray warehouse and diesel vehicle warehouse. Stating that vehicle-maintenance procedures are of vital importance for the healthy conduct of railway traffic, Pezuk is scheduled to meet with the Siemens group after his examinations here. Halkalıleft from.

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