Istanbul Sofia Express Begins Flights Again on April 25

Istanbul Sofia Express Starts Flights Again in April
Istanbul Sofia Express Begins Flights Again on April 25

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that Istanbul Sofia Express flights, which were suspended due to the epidemic, will resume on April 25.

In the written statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it was stated that Istanbul Sofia Express, Turkey's gateway to Europe in passenger transportation by rail, is getting ready to meet with passengers again.

As of February 20, 2017, Istanbul (Halkalı) Reminding that the Istanbul Sofia Express, which is put on a reciprocal journey between Sofia, was temporarily suspended on March 11, 2020, within the scope of pandemic measures, the statement said, "As a result of the negotiations with TCDD Transportation and Bulgarian Railways, the Istanbul Sofia Express will be launched from 25 April to Istanbul. from (Halkalı), it was decided to start their maiden voyages from Sofia as of April 26. Istanbul Sofia Express will depart from Istanbul at 21.40 and arrive in Sofia at 09.35. It will depart Sofia at 18.30 and arrive in Istanbul at 05.34. Istanbul (HalkalıFollowing the )-Provdiv (Plovdiv)-Sofia route, the Istanbul Sofia Express will arrive from Istanbul in 11 hours 55 minutes and from Sofia to Istanbul in 11 hours and 4 minutes. Train tickets are in Istanbul Sirkeci and Halkalı It can be purchased from the toll booths in Ankara, Eskişehir”.


Emphasizing that the Istanbul Sofia Express, which consists of sleeping and couchette wagons, was in high demand in the pre-epidemic period, it was noted that approximately 2017 thousand passengers traveled between 2020 and 65.

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