3.5 Irregular Immigrants Caught In This Year's 36-Month Period

A Thousand Irregular Immigrants Caught In This Monthly Period This Year
3.5 Irregular Immigrants Caught In This Year's 36-Month Period

In the operations carried out in the first 3.5 months of this year by the Police, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Commands under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, a total of 36 irregular migrants were caught, and judicial proceedings were taken against 344 organizers.

Under the coordination of our Ministry, the General Directorate of Security, the Gendarmerie General Command and the Coast Guard Command continue their operations against irregular migration in their areas of responsibility.

In this context, in addition to the 4 peace practices held this year, derelict places where foreign nationals can stay, public entertainment venues, truck garages, terminals, ports and fishermen's shelters, public transport stops and stations were checked one by one, through routine and planned operations. A total of 89.991 places, including abandoned buildings, public places, terminals and other places, were inspected.

In the applications made this year for irregular migration; 36 thousand 344 foreign national irregular migrants were caught. Administrative sanctions were imposed on a total of 3.535 persons, of which 336 were foreign nationals and 3.871 Turkish citizens.

Judicial Action Taken Against 2 Organizers

During the implementation, judicial action was taken against 2.545 organizers, including Turkish citizens, and administrative fines were imposed.

In planned and routine operations; It was determined that 414 trucks-vans, 138 buses-cars, 10 boats, 36 boats and boat engines were used for irregular migration and were handed over to the judicial authorities.


  • 115 fake passports,
  • 5.227 mobile phones,
  • 40 unlicensed shotguns/guns,
  • 1.289 bullets,
  • 18 cutting/drilling tools,
  • 18.144 g cannabis,
  • 107 grams of heroin,
  • 194 gr bonsai,
  • 572 g methamphetamine,
  • 95 pieces of ecstasy,
  • 9 captagon pills and 680 synthetic drugs were seized.

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