World's Lightest Mine Detector from BASDEC Members

world's lightest mine detector from basdec members
world's lightest mine detector from basdec members

Members of Bursa Aerospace and Defense Cluster (BASDEC), which was established to develop the defense industry ecosystem in Bursa, took action to produce the world's lightest mine detector. İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), said that BASDEC members develop their own unique products as well as meeting the needs of the main producers. Explaining that the members of the cluster aim to develop this product by providing the technology transfer of the OZAN-Foldable Metal Mine Detector through TÜBİTAK, President Burkay said, “We will meet another important need of our security forces and humanitarian aid organizations with this product, which they will produce by jointly using the skills and capacities of the cluster.” said.

Despite all the negative effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on the global economy, the weight of the defense industry in Bursa is increasing every year. The defense and aerospace industry sector representatives, whose direct exports increased by 2020 percent in 285 compared to the previous year and reached 23,5 million dollars in Bursa, developed unique projects with the Bursa Aerospace and Defense Cluster (BASDEC), established under BTSO, to help the domestic defense industry and Turkey's economy. aims to contribute to the export targets at a high level.


Noting that BASDEC has been working in line with Turkey's vision of 2013, 2023 and 2053 since its establishment in 2071, BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay said, “Bursa, with its production capability in fields such as automotive, textile and machinery manufacturing, has developed such as aerospace and defense sectors. It also has an important potential for strategic sectors. The medium-high and high-tech transformation move we started about 8 years ago brought Bursa to the capacity to serve 75 percent of our defense industry. There are 126 companies under the cluster roof. It is among our primary goals that each of our members have systems and subsystems for the sector and support localization efforts. The medium-term plans of our Defense Industry Presidency and BASDEC's plans and targets are progressing in harmony. With the 'New Industrialization Model' announced by our Defense Industry Presidency, we contribute to the Industrial Competence Support and Evaluation Program (EYDEP) and Talent Inventory (YETEN) programs at the highest level.” he said.


President Burkay stated that BASDEC members have carried out important studies in terms of meeting the needs of the main manufacturers as well as developing their own unique products, and said, “Today, we have companies that produce systems and technologies in a wide range of areas from precision mechanical systems to nano technology products. Currently, our cluster companies aim to develop this product by providing technology transfer of OZAN- Foldable Metal Mine Detector through TÜBİTAK. With this technology, which will be the common product of the cluster, we will meet an important need of our state. In addition, our cluster companies continue to work in cooperation and coordination at the point of developing original products that will become a world brand.” used the phrases.


BASDEC Chairman of the Board Mustafa Hatipoğlu said that the cluster members came together to form a consortium for technology transfer in the production of Ozan Mine Detectors, according to their fields of activity in electronics, plastics, metal processing and integration. Hatipoğlu said, “Ozan Mine Detector, which we have transferred technology to be used in the establishment of peace and security by our consortium consisting of R&D Emre Makine, Ons Makine, Öztuğ Automotive and Erbab company, which has assumed the leadership of the consortium, may be beneficial to our defense industry and our country. As with the Ozan Mine Detector Consortium, we aim to produce final products in more projects by establishing cooperation among our members. As BASDEC, we will continue to focus on products that can compete with world markets by providing products or services in the area where each of our members is most competent, with less resources through joint production.” he said.


Ufuk Erdoğan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERBAB and the Leader of the Consortium, said that they are proud that they will carry out production for the removal of mines that cause the death of people or other living things without aiming. Ufuk Erdoğan said: “We will develop a competitive and high-quality product in the field with the consortium we have established with the coming together of companies with different abilities in the cluster. Our structure, which is specialized in electronics, software, plastics and integration, forms the basis of our consortium. The professional experience of the consortium members in the defense sector, as in other sectors, will be our greatest strength. In addition, mines indiscriminately harm civilians, our security forces and other living things in nature. The work of our product to prevent this situation constitutes the motivation of the consortium.''


Ozan, which is among the new technologies developed by the TÜBİTAK Informatics and Information Security Advanced Technologies Research Center (BİLGEM) in the field of secure communication and defense systems, was designed considering the needs of the security units working in the operation area with its compact structure and low carrying weight of 1,5 kilograms. Ozan, one of the lightest metal mine detectors in the world, provides security units with ease of transportation in large areas. The system, whose false alarm rate is minimized, provides the operator with three different detection warnings: audible, visual and vibrating warnings for target detection. The metal density of the detected target can be easily observed with the graphic LCD screen on the system.

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