290 Dormitories Could Have Been Built with the Guarantee Amount Paid for Highways and Bridges

A dormitory could be built with the money going to guaranteed projects.
A dormitory could be built with the money going to guaranteed projects.

While Euros and dollars are flowing into guaranteed projects, students cannot find dormitories. CHP's Akın said, "With the money spent on these projects, 290 dormitories could be built." Between 2016 and 2020, approximately 14 billion 248 million Turkish liras were paid for highways and bridges with vehicle pass guarantees. CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın said, “With the guarantee paid for highways and bridges, 50 dormitories with a capacity of approximately one thousand people could be built at an average cost of 60-290 million liras per dormitory for university students. Thus, accommodation would be provided for at least 250 thousand students. The source of power was used not for students, but for affiliated companies," he said.


Akın noted that the housing problem experienced by university students with the new academic year was caused by the insufficient dormitory quotas of the government and said: The total amount of the payment made during the year amounted to 2016 billion 2020 million TL. The total amount of the payment made for 5 years in 3-782, within the scope of the guarantee given to the Gebze-İzmir highway, including the Osmangazi Bridge, was 2016 billion 2020 million liras. The guarantee amount paid to the Eurasia Tunnel, which was put into service on December 5, 9, for 469 years between 20 and 2016, was 2017 million TL. For the Ankara-Niğde Highway, which was opened in 2020, a guarantee payment of 4 million lira was made in 847 year. Between 2020 and 1, a total of 150 billion 2016 million TL was paid from the Treasury only for bridges and highways.


Akın gave the following information: “According to the official tender information, the cost of a student dormitory with a thousand-bed capacity in 2020 is between 50-60 million liras. With the guarantee amount paid to highways and bridges in the last 5 years; 60 dormitories, where the cost is considered to be 240 million liras, and 50-285 dormitories can be built when the cost is considered to be 290 million liras. If a dormitory was built with these guarantee payments, at least 250 thousand students could be accommodated.”

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