Logitrans Logistics Changes the Rules of the Game in Poland

logitrans logistics changes the rules of the game in poland
logitrans logistics changes the rules of the game in poland

Logitrans Logistics, one of Turkey's largest logistics companies, implemented LogiTrain service, an innovative, economic, environmentalist and sustainable project on the Turkey-Poland line, in cooperation with the Polish State Railways (PKP).

Istanbul every Friday Halkalı The train, which will depart from Gliwice and Poland, reaches the destination within 6 days. On the train line, which will take place for the first time on September 24, the possibility of delays during delivery is eliminated thanks to the importance and advantage of the fixed transit time. In addition, it also provides solutions to other problems such as road accidents, transit document and border gate delays, adverse weather conditions. Thus, LogiTrain creates a stable transportation model for its users with its non-stop and direct transportation system.

Poland – Turkey Exports and Imports also affect the surrounding countries

More than 4 export exports and more than 30.000 imports have been transported from Turkey to Poland in the last 20.000 years. Automotive, construction, electronics and textile product groups constitute the majority of the shipments. In this respect, the doors of a brand new service are opened to companies doing business with Poland. LogiTrain can provide door-to-door service to East Germany, Czechia, Poland and Slovakia. Domestic distribution operations can also be carried out to different destinations of the countries.

LogiTrain can carry the load of 36 road vehicles per voyage in one go. This serves as an economic solution for companies that import and export.

The first transport was carried out with Arçelik

LogiTrain's first Poland-Turkey trip was carried out for Arçelik through Zer, the authorized organizer of railway transportation, operating in purchasing and supply chain management.

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