Hyundai Assan Launches KONA Electric SUV Model in Turkey

hyundai Assan Kona electric SUV model is for sale in Turkey
hyundai Assan Kona electric SUV model is for sale in Turkey

Hyundai Assan introduced the world's first mass-produced B-SUV model, KONA EV, to Turkish consumers. KONA EV, which attracts great attention from consumers especially in the American and European markets, has shown a significant sales success since it was put on the market in 2018.

The new KONA Electric brings a series of innovations with its exterior design makeover. KONA's handy B-SUV body type, which presents a simple and elegant appearance together, provides comfort to its user by combining with high-level electrical technology.

Expressing his views on the new model they offered for sale, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, "We are excited to present our KONA Electric model, which everyone is eagerly waiting for, to the Turkish market with AutoShow 2021 Mobility, with our slogan "Future's gift to today". The demand for electric and hybrid vehicles is increasing day by day in Turkey. In the next two years, sales and charging station infrastructure are expected to increase 4-5 times more. As Hyundai, we are marking the beginning of a brand new era in Turkey by offering the first of our electric cars, which will form a large part of our sales in the coming years. While KONA Electric offers a versatile use with its SUV body, it ranks first among all electric vehicles currently sold in the market, with a range of 484 km. Now we are starting the electric vehicle trend with KONA Electric and we aim to increase our strength in the market with our new electric cars next year.”

The front part with a new-looking fully closed grille is both very modern and more aesthetic. This modern look allows the car to emphasize a wider stance on the exterior. The front, further enhanced by the new LED daytime running lights, is complemented by an asymmetrical charging port, a KONA Electric feature, and makes a strong impression of electric driving.

The new, sharper headlights stretch straight to the side of the car. The inner frame of these headlights with high illumination capacity now comes with multi-directional reflector (MFR) technology. The front grille has been removed in the New KONA EV and moved to the compartment below. In the rear bumper, a horizontal gray-striped diffuser is used to add meaning to the car's overall appearance. While these lines maintain elegance, at the same time, the new horizontally extended rear stops continue the stylish look of the front.

Like its other brethren with internal combustion and hybrid engines, the New KONA EV is 40 millimeters longer than its predecessor. Coming with a more spacious and more comfortable interior, the car's screens, as well as comfortable seats and upholstery, were also updated. The new KONA Electric is equipped with a 10,25-inch digital display, which is also used in other Hyundai models, and can also be purchased with an optional 10,25-inch AVN multimedia display. In addition, a total of 10 different body colors are offered in KONA EV.

Two different electric motors

KONA Elektrik can be purchased with the Progressive hardware package, which offers rich equipment. It can be preferred with 2 different alternatives in terms of engine and range. In the new model, the long-range version with a 64 kWh battery produces a maximum power of 204 PS (150 kW) and can accelerate to 7,6 km / h in 100 seconds. The base version has a battery capacity of 39,2 kWh. This engine also produces 136 PS (100 kW) and can accelerate to 9,9 km / h in 100 seconds. Both powertrains provide 395 Nm of instant torque, making it fun to drive at full power from the first second.

Having one of the longest driving ranges in its segment, KONA Electric can travel 484 kilometers (WLTP-64 kWh battery version) on a single charge. The “Smart Adjustable Regenerative Braking System” allows the vehicle to automatically adjust the braking level. Shift paddles behind the steering wheel allow the driver to adjust the intensity of the regenerative braking.

Thus, it gets back the additional energy whenever possible. Regenerative braking also allows the driver to fully stop the vehicle without using the brakes. About 64 minutes are needed to charge the lithium-ion polymer battery (10kWh version—between 80 and 47 percent). KONA Elektrik can be charged in as little as 45 minutes (80 percent charge) at three-phase AC charging stations or with a special electrical cabinet at home. The drives can also be charged at a regular household outlet using the ICCB power cord. The charging time of this household type normal socket is given as an average of 28-36 hours. KONA Elektrik also protects its passengers by offering the most advanced technologies in security.

Thanks to the Stop-Go Intelligent Cruise Control System, a safe following distance is created with the vehicle in front. Many advanced safety systems such as Lane Keeping Assistant, Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assistant, Intelligent Speed ​​Limiting Assistant and Rear Collision Avoidance Assistant make journeys safer.

Superior benefits for those who buy KONA EV from Hyundai Assan

The highly anticipated Hyundai KONA Electric offers superior opportunities for its customers, and Hyundai Assan does not charge a fee for the first 5 maintenance. Giving a wallbox (charging unit) to users who want to charge their vehicles at home or at work, Hyundai Assan also gives a 250-minute e-charging card free of charge. Continuing its superior advantages on the service side, Hyundai Assan keeps high-voltage batteries under warranty for 8 years or up to 160.000 km. KONA Electric users will also be able to benefit from free roadside assistance for 1 year.

Launch special prices for KONA Electric

Hyundai Assan offers KONA Electric, which has two different equipment and engine options, at special prices for the launch. KONA Electric Progressive 100 kW is sold for 487.000 TL, and KONA Electric Progressive 150 kW is sold for 734.000 TL.

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