GUHEM Bursa Tourism's New Attraction Center

guhem is the new attraction center of bursa tourism
guhem is the new attraction center of bursa tourism

Hosting its visitors in Bursa as one of the few structures in the world with its original architecture and rich content, Gökmen Aerospace Training Center (GUHEM) has started to occupy an important place in the tourism targets of the city as a strong center of attraction. BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay, who hosted tourism travel agencies in GUHEM, said, “GUHEM will be the first address of those who visit our Bursa.”

BTSO, in cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and TUBITAK, to Bursa kazanThe interest in GUHEM is increasing day by day. Members of the 42nd Professional Committee formed by BTSO's tourism travel agencies had the opportunity to closely examine GUHEM with their families. At the meeting held after the visit, BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Kamil Özer, BTSO Board Members Irmak Aslan and Alparslan Şenocak, TÜRSAB Board Member and also BTSO Assembly Member Hasan Eker, TÜRSAB South Marmara Regional Representative Board President Murat. Saraçoğlu and Tourism Council President Sibel Cura Measureoğlu and sector representatives attended.


BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors Burkay stated that the growth performances of cities and countries are evaluated based on criteria such as production amount and income increases, but that development is measured by structural, institutional and qualitative changes that develop the potential, and said: Our city as one of the few centers kazanIt was a project that we worked on. Here, there are more than 150 interactive mechanisms where our young people and children can acquire new information on space and aviation technology and arouse their curiosity about these technologies. I believe that GUHEM, which is also within the scope of our country's National Space Program under the auspices of our President, will contribute more and more to our Bursa and tourism sector every year. With its unique architecture and rich content, GUHEM will be the first address of those visiting Bursa.” he said.


Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Kamil Özer has come to Bursa as an important vision project of the world in cooperation with BTSO, TÜBİTAK and Metropolitan Municipality. kazanHe said that GUHEM, which he directed, added a new richness to the city in terms of cultural values ​​along with science and technology. Emphasizing that Bursa is a perfect city with its cultural texture, examples of civil architecture, nature and sea dating back to 6.500 BC, Özer continued: “Beyond that, it is also a beauty to have a space technology that carries the world's vision to the future in Bursa. Now people are leaning towards the aspects of their special perceptions and special interests. The fact that such a center is here alone means a tourism attraction that can attract important visitors from Turkey and the world. I had the opportunity to examine GUHEM in detail. A very successful project. It has an excellent build. There is incredible technology and an incredible amount of knowledge here. It should be our common duty to further develop and promote this. GUHEM will add great value to Bursa. I congratulate everyone who contributed, especially BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay and BTSO Board of Directors.”


Hasan Eker, Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) and Member of the BTSO Assembly, said that GUHEM will make a great contribution to Bursa tourism with its vision. Hasan Eker, who stated that the center in Bursa increased the interest of children in space and aviation, and was in a structure that tourists could explore with curiosity, said, “GUHEM is a place we can proudly show to our visitors. There are many interactive mechanisms here. A center was created on a world scale. It is a place where our visitors can spend at least half a day or even a day. Therefore, thanks to GUHEM, we can extend the stay in Bursa for 1 more day. Such structures are needed in order to achieve our goals of a livable city and a tourism city.” used the phrases.

Expressing that as travel agencies, they will include GUHEM in their tour programs for all tourists coming to Bursa, Eker said, “I want those living in Bursa to see GUHEM especially. They will encounter a very different and beautiful atmosphere than they imagined. Here they will be able to experience many things. At the same time, our children will be impressed by this and will be enthusiastic about space science and maybe astronauts will come out of our Bursa. I would like to thank İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and those who contributed. " said.


TÜRSAB South Marmara Regional Representative Board Chairman Murat Saraçoğlu stated that tourism professionals should offer different values ​​to the tourists visiting the city, and said, “For this reason, we highlight events involving technology, science, nature, culture and natural public life. In this respect, GUHEM is a very valuable project for our tourism sector. I am personally very impressed with it. In the same direction, our agencies were also very impressed. Our goal is to carry the tourists coming to Bursa to GUHEM within the tour programs. We will take the initiative in making sure that everyone who comes to visit GUHEM, including the B2B meetings and procurement committees we will hold in Bursa. I would like to thank our BTSO President and our Board of Directors.”

Emphasizing that Bursa also took new steps in gastronomy tourism, Saraçoğlu added that BTSO's Kitchen Academy project also has an important place in this field.

BTSO Tourism Council President Sibel Cura Measureoğlu stated that they continue to work to bring Bursa's values ​​to light and said that the city has an important potential to host tourists for 12 months. Measureoğlu stated that BTSO's GUHEM project accelerated the city's technological transformation and tourism. kazanHe also noted that he would.

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