BTSO Lojistik AŞ Starts Import and Export Air Cargo Services on September 20

btso logistics as starts import and export air cargo services in september
btso logistics as starts import and export air cargo services in september

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), which continues its efforts to make Yenişehir Airport an air cargo center, will start import and export cargo services on September 20, as a result of its cooperation with Turkish Cargo. 7/24 cargo acceptance will start from Yenişehir. Within the scope of cargo operations, which will strengthen the foreign trade operations of companies during the pandemic period, goods acceptance fees will not be charged for cargoes departing from Yenişehir until January 1, 2022.

BTSO, which has put the Yenişehir Airport air cargo facilities back into the service of the business world, has signed a very important cooperation that will facilitate the logistics operations of its members. Within the scope of the agreement between Turkish Cargo, which is among the 5 largest air cargo transportation companies in the world, and BTSO Lojistik AŞ, the first procedures for customs cargo acceptance at Yenişehir Airport begin on 20 September. BTSO Lojistik AŞ, which offers important opportunities to companies in its overseas operations, aims to reduce the loss of cost and time at the export point of enterprises with this cooperation.


BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said that Bursa, which is the industrial capital of Turkey, leads the foreign trade targets of our country with its foreign trade potential. Stating that they have implemented important foreign trade-oriented projects for BTSO members with the vision of stronger Bursa in exports, Burkay said, “Air cargo The tougher competitive conditions in the world have increased the importance of cooperation. Logistics is one of the most important issues that will increase efficiency. We are taking the first concrete steps in our strategic cooperation with Turkish Cargo, the most important global player in Bursa's sector, which has a global player identity with its strong production economy, sector and market diversity. As of September 20, we will start our import and export cargo operations at Yenişehir Airport. Our goal is to add more strength to the foreign trade operations of our companies, which are going through a difficult period.” said.


Informing that 78 percent of exports in Bursa are realized by road, President Burkay said, “We are increasing the logistics services of our industry, tourism, agriculture and fair city Bursa in terms of capacity and quality. While minimizing the logistics costs of our members with the air cargo transportation we started from Yenişehir, Bursa will contribute to the export of the business world. With our project, which we started with air cargo, our companies will now be able to deliver their products to target markets much cheaper and faster. Our logistics companies will also bring their cargo here. With this work, they will be freed from the intensity of Istanbul in both exports and imports. We also provide important conveniences to our companies in terms of cost. We will do our best to make the most of this cooperation with Turkish Cargo, which flies to 127 countries.” used the phrases.


Cooperation offers companies significant opportunities both in terms of export and import. In addition to being able to deliver all imported products directly from Yenişehir to Istanbul, businesses do not have to submit a Warehouse declaration since they have a Temporary Storage area that provides 7/24 service at the airport. Customs procedures are also given uninterruptedly by the İnegöl Customs Directorate. Transfers will be made from Yenişehir Airport to Atatürk / Istanbul Airport on Tuesdays – Fridays at 17:00. In exports, the goods acceptance fee will not be collected until 01 January 2022. Domestic transportation between Yenişehir and Atatürk/Istanbul Airport will be made free of charge by BTSO Lojistik AŞ. Export documents and acceptance procedures will also be handled by BTSO Lojistik AŞ at Atatürk/Istanbul Airport.

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