Antakya Habib-İ Neccar Mountain Cable Car Line Will Be Built

antakya habib i neccar mountain cable car line will be built
antakya habib i neccar mountain cable car line will be built

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality went out to tender for the construction of a cable car with a length of 1.100 meters between Habib-İ Neccar Mountain in Antakya district, with a carrying capacity of 1.200 people / hours on the way up and down, and its operation for up to 22 years.

Published in the Official Gazette tender noticeAccording to the report, the tender for the construction of a cable car with an estimated cost of 61 million 312 thousand 515 liras + VAT, between Antakya District Habib-İ Neccar Mountain, 1100 meters in length, 370 meters in elevation difference, with a carrying capacity of 1200 people / hour at ascent and 1200 people / hour on descent "closed offer" will be made by auction method.

Location: Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Committee Meeting Hall Floor: 3
Date and time : Tuesday, 28/09/2021 at 14:00
Application: Tender files will be submitted to the Tender Unit until 2886:38 on Monday, 27/09/2021, to be submitted to the Presidency of the Committee, provided that the issues in Article 17 of D.İ.K. No. 00 are complied with. Applications made after the specified date and time will not be accepted. Applications made by mail, courier, telegraph or internet will not be accepted.

Those who will bid for the tender will be able to obtain the tender document for 5 thousand liras.

After the construction process of the work subject to the tender is completed and the acceptance procedures are completed, a guarantee fee will be paid in the amount of 5 thousand tickets per year for 500 years. A fee of 500 percent will be paid to the administration from the income above the amount corresponding to 15 thousand tickets annually. This issue is limited to 5 years. In the remaining years, a payment will be made to the administration as a result of the calculation of the percentage (%) increase over the annual turnover submitted by the bidder who won the tender.

In the event that the commissioning time of the facility is in any month of the year, the cost calculation will be made based on the New Year's Day (1 January) for the number of tickets to be guaranteed. During the operation period after the end of the 5 years, which is the guarantee period of the work subject to the tender, bids will be applied in the form of 3 percent increments, starting from 1 percent over the annual turnover.

The ticket price will be at most 25,00 TL per person and will be updated every year according to WPI – CPI.

The operation period will be 22 years in total, the construction period will not be included in this period. The period will begin on the date of commissioning of the facility. The validity period of the submitted bids was determined as 60 calendar days from the date of the tender.

As a consortium, no bid can be submitted for the tender.

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