What is Spread? Which Forex Companies Give Low Spreads?

What is the spread, which are the forex companies that give low spreads?
What is the spread, which are the forex companies that give low spreads?

What is Spread? Spreads what does it mean? One of the most important issues for investors entering Forex is the spread.

Spread is a cost that you have to pay for all transactions you make in forex. The term we call the spread in normal markets is called the spread in the forex market. The only difference from the scissors range is that the spread rates are lower in forex compared to other markets.

Forex companies do not charge commission fees from transactions like brokerage firms in other markets. For this reason, gains spread through them.

Spreads It varies from pair to pair. The spread rate of each financial instrument is different. Likewise, every forex company's spread rates are also different. Some companies low spread while others are at intermediate levels. spread rate It is determined.

spread; There are two different types, fixed spread and variable spread. Fixed spread; It is the type of spread that remains within a certain reference range without being affected by the movements in the market. If the dynamic spread; It is the type of spread that is affected by the fluctuations in the market and the changes in the conditions.

Firms offer different types of accounts to investors. Some of these account types work with fixed spread, some with dynamic spread, and some with commission per transaction.

SpreadsAlthough it varies according to many different factors, it actually changes according to the liquidity status of the financial instrument you want to buy. If it is a product with high liquidity, the spread rate tends to decrease, while if it is low liquidity spread rate tends to rise.

Therefore forex Investors generally prefer to trade in the time period when the liquidity, that is, the transaction density, is the highest. This time period coincides with the hours between 15:00 and 18:00, when the session hours of the two market centers coincide. Since two large forex centers are open between these hours, the transaction density occurs most in this time period.

So far what is spread we looked. It's time to see forex companies that offer low spreads.

Low Spread Forex Companies

What is the spread, which are the forex companies that give low spreads?

Forex companies can set spread rates at low or normal levels. Forex companies that offer low spreads do this in order to attract more investors.

Investors also pay particular attention to trading with low spreads when opening a forex account.

Because one of the most effective ways to maximize profit is the advantage of low spread.

Well Forex brokers with low spreads which ones?

Olive Markets

Olive Markets is a respectable company that is on the list of the best forex companies, most preferred by Turkish investors. Low spread offers investors the opportunity to trade more cost-effectively. Olive Markets also offers low spreads It provides many users with advantageous transactions.

Olive Markets is one of the brokerage houses where you can trade advantageously, with a leverage ratio of 1:300, a minimum account opening limit of $100, and a highly developed Turkish support option.


Fxpro is one of the reliable forex companies based in the UK and has made a name for itself in the sector for a long time. The firm's strong financial structure and global sponsorship agreements confirm this.

fxpro You can use up to 1:500 leverage and benefit from low spread when trading with. In addition, the company offers Turkish language support. fxpro100 dollars is enough to open an account in .


Hotforex lowest spread It is one of the companies that give the rate. Hotforex, which is also audited by many regulators, has proven itself in reliability. The fact that a company is licensed is one of the most important criteria of reliability.

Hotforex You can take advantage of low spread rates, maximum leverage of 1:500 and a lower limit of 50 dollars account opening in your transactions with . Moreover, Hotforex is one of the forex companies that offer Turkish support.

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