Nostalgic Tram Pleasure at the 90th Izmir International Fair

nostalgic tram pleasure at ief
nostalgic tram pleasure at ief

Miniature train nostalgia is experienced again in İzmir International Fair. The “Nostalgic Tram” running in Kültürpark attracts great attention. 18.00 thousand 24.00 people boarded the trams “Çiğdem” and “Boyoz”, which toured Kültürpark free of charge between 5-2 in 600 days. Nostalgic Trams will continue their fair tours until Sunday, September 90, the closing day of the 12th IEF.

Izmir International Fair, which opened its doors for the 90th time this year with its deep-rooted history, takes its guests to the past. The excitement of the miniature steam train, which started to tour Kültürpark for the first time at the 1964rd Izmir International Fair in 33, is experienced again with the electric Nostalgic Trams. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İzmir Metro A.Ş.'s Nostalgic Trams named “Çiğdem” and “Boyoz” have been touring Kültürpark on the old route of the miniature train since the opening of IEF on September 3 and attract great attention from the fair guests. 5 thousand 2 people got on the trams in 600 days, which is also the favorite of those who want to have a souvenir photo taken. The tours, which start every day from 18.00 and continue until 24.00, will last until Sunday, September 90, the last day of the 12th IEF. Nostalgic Trams, which run every 15 minutes, depart from across the Celal Atik Sports Hall.

Surprise gifts for guests

The nostalgic trams, which are specially decorated for the 90th IEF and can be boarded for free, offer guests the chance to visit Kültürpark with a half-hour tour. Children under the age of 12 can only join the tour by riding under the supervision of their parents. The tours, where train models and surprise gifts are given to the little passengers, are organized in accordance with the pandemic conditions. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Nostalgic Tram named “Gevrek” continues to operate in Kordon.

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