Mahmut Asmalı is the New Chairman of MUSIAD

Mahmut Asmali became the new general chairman of musiad
Mahmut Asmali became the new general chairman of musiad

MUSIAD 26th Ordinary General Assembly and MUSIAD Fund (Karz-ı Hasen) 3rd Ordinary General Assembly was held on Saturday, 11 September 2021 at Istanbul Congress Center. The 26th Ordinary General Assembly of MUSIAD was held at the Istanbul Congress Center. As a result of the Ordinary General Assembly, Mahmut Asmalı became the new chairman of MUSIAD.

After the 26th Ordinary General Assembly of MUSIAD, the new board of directors of MUSIAD; Mahmut Asmalı, Gökhan Yetkin, Mehmet Develioğlu, Soner Meşe, Ahmet Doğan Alperen, Muhammed Ali Özeken, Davut Altunbaş, Abdülsamet Temel, Osman Çalışkan, Hıfsı Soydemir, Abdullah Eriş, Abdullah Bozatlı, Tahir Tuluk, Bekir Sami Nalbantoğlu, Faruk İbrahim Özbek, Mustafa Aktaş consisted of Tevfik Dönmez, Mehmet Şahin, Abdurrahman Uzun, Mustafa Çalışkan, Savaş Yılmaz, Erkan Gül, Abdülkadir Hotyüz, Yunus Furkan Akbal and Meryem İlbahar.

Among the alternate members of the new board of directors; Osman Nuri Önügören, Selim Sar, Süleyman Tarakçı, Esra Kaftancıoğlu, Muharrem Ahmet Yüksel, Yunus Kartal, Yasin Emre Ertemel, Halit Kerim, Ali Gökhan Er, Fahrettin Oylum, Ünsal Sözbir, Ömer Karatemiz, Osman Özdemir, Mücahid Yıldız, Faruk Güzeldere, Cemil Yüksekdağ, Mehmet Metin Korkmaz, Halil Köklü, Fatih Canpolat, Fatih Altunbaş, Murat Altuğ Karataş, Hüseyin Sarpkaya, Mazlum Engin Akdağ, Murat Kundak and İsmail Somalı.

Mahmut Asmalı, in his speech at the closing program of the 26th Ordinary General Assembly of MUSIAD, which was held with the participation of AKP Chairman and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said, “31. As we leave our year behind, our MUSIAD has undertaken a very important task in the economic and social development of our country and in making it a global player.

I would like to express my gratitude to all our presidents, members of the board of directors, domestic and foreign branch management, all our members and veteran employees who have contributed to their efforts since its establishment.”

Asmalı said: “As your brother, who became a member of MUSIAD in 2006 as a soldier, worked with 4 general presidents, served in sectoral boards, boards of directors and vice president, we took over with the approval of our general assembly as a result of the agreement of all our branches and management levels. I hope we will carry this flag further and higher together.

MUSIAD is a hearth, a school, a voluntary organization and its door is open to anyone who wants to serve our country and our people. We joined here as a soldier when we became a member, and we endeavored to fulfill all the duties entrusted to us over time. The day has come, we took part in organizations, the day has come, we served on boards.

And finally, as a result of the consultations, it was agreed to form a board of directors with us. Every job I take at MUSIAD is an honor for me and my family. I promise before you that I will work with all my might during this honorable and sacred duty.”

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