Halkapınar Transfer Center Will Have A Brand New Look

Halkapinar transfer center will have a brand new look
Halkapinar transfer center will have a brand new look

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will completely renew the Halkapınar Transfer Center and its surroundings. Halkapınar Transfer Center, which is used by thousands of people every day, will gain a brand new identity with its waiting areas, cafeteria, thematic gardens, show area, shaded walking areas, green stops and disabled-friendly arrangements.

The important connection point of İzmir's urban transportation, Halkapınar Transfer Center and its surroundings will be rearranged within the scope of the project of revitalizing the idle areas of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with a sustainable design approach. The works that will start in the coming days with an investment of 8 million 168 thousand liras will be completed in 6 months.

There are also thematic gardens.

The project, which will bring a brand new look and function to Halkapınar Transfer Center and its surroundings with a different design approach, includes the Metro-İZBAN exit, under the viaduct, pedestrian sidewalks between the metro-tramway and bus transfer areas in an area of ​​28 thousand square meters. Green corridors will be created around the pedestrian path and waiting areas. There will be waiting, resting areas, cafeteria and thematic garden landscapes consisting of medicinal and aromatic plants at the metro and İZBAN exits. Viaduct bottoms will have an aesthetic appearance with mural works. In addition, there will be a performance area under the viaduct where the artists will exhibit their performances and thematic garden landscapes.

Green stops are coming

The pedestrian road to the tram will be widened and a canopy will be built. With the guidance and lighting elements, the safety and comfort of pedestrian transportation will increase. In order to reduce air pollution in green field arrangements, low-maintenance, high carbon-retaining plant species will be used. Bus stops and bus transfer center will be organized with sustainable, nature-based solutions in line with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's Strategy for Living in Harmony with Nature. Continuing its efforts to make the city resistant to the climate crisis, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will implement a Green Stop at bus stops. Green pockets will be built behind the stops and shade areas will be created by planting trees in these pockets. The bus transfer center will be arranged in a way that will increase the quality of life of the citizens with its green areas, resting and waiting areas.

After Halkapınar, which was selected as a pilot region within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's “Bringing Idle Spaces to the City” project, the applications will be implemented in the idle areas in other parts of the city. Thus, these areas will become a part of urban life and the continuity of green infrastructure works will be ensured.

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