Protocol Signed with 12 NGOs for Disaster Prepared Izmir

A protocol was signed with the NGO for disaster-ready izmir
A protocol was signed with the NGO for disaster-ready izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department signed a cooperation protocol with Izmir Search and Rescue Associations and 3 municipalities with the slogan "Izmir Ready for Disaster". Speaking at the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol made in order to make the city resistant to disasters and to speed up the response to emergencies, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer“The main purpose of this protocol is to provide rapid support from the civil society in the fight against disaster. To regularly implement the necessary training and exercises for this," he said.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department has decided to act jointly with İzmir Search and Rescue Associations and district municipalities for rapid and effective response to possible disasters by making the city resistant to natural disasters. Cooperation protocol aimed at stronger response to emergencies, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIt was signed at the ceremony attended by Speaking at the ceremony at Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Fire and Natural Disaster Training Center, the President Tunç Soyerreminded that they gave many exams in the last two years, such as forest fires, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes and pandemics. Stating that they achieved important successes thanks to the strong stance, self-sacrifice and solidarity put forward together during this difficult process, Soyer said, "We have succeeded in being hope not only for İzmir but also for our whole country, hand in hand with our fire department, all our units and our citizens who wholeheartedly support us." said.

“Coordination is the key to strong response in times of disaster”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who also stated that they carry out Forest Volunteer, Search and Rescue Volunteer, Logistics Support Volunteer activities in cooperation with non-governmental organizations. Tunç Soyer“The main purpose of this protocol is to provide rapid support to civil society in the fight against disaster. For this, to regularly apply the necessary training and exercises. We attach utmost importance to the coordinated action of all our units in the fight against disasters in İzmir and to coordination with civil society. Because there is only one key to strong response in the event of a disaster: Coordination. The only way to ensure coordination is to be planned. We have to ensure that all stakeholders who will respond to the disaster implement their duties in advance, in line with a plan, before the disaster occurs.”

“We aim for them to act more powerfully and effectively”

Expressing that disaster coordination is a process that should start before disasters occur, not at the time of disaster, the President Tunç Soyer“We act with this awareness in İzmir. We wish disasters never to happen, but we work as if they will happen at any moment. With the technological integration of the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM), Izmir Transportation Center (IZUM), the Mobile Disaster Management Application (Emergency Izmir) and the Crisis Management Center, we facilitate rapid information flow online in case of possible disasters. In this way, we enable these systems to act together stronger and more effectively.”

Awareness was created with FAYSİM

Virtual Reality Based Earthquake Simulation (FAYSİM) was also introduced in the program. President Soyer received information about FAYSİM from the fire department. Vital rules to be followed in the earthquake that took place in the virtual home environment were explained to the users with virtual reality glasses. It was also stated that during the earthquake, it was necessary to move to a safe area, take the fetal position and end the shaking. When the earthquake was over in FAYSİM, the need to close the water valve, natural gas valve and electricity fuse was revived by the firefighters for the sake of security measures. The aim of this study is to raise awareness about the precautions to be taken when the earthquake is over.

Units serving in Izmir under one roof

Thanks to the cooperation made within the scope of integrated disaster management, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has put forward in the fight against disasters, joint training exercises and various activities will be carried out before the disaster. During the disaster, joint response works and equipment and tools will be supported. With the protocol, the search and rescue teams providing service in Izmir one by one will act jointly with the support and cooperation of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, it will be stronger, more effective and more prepared against disasters and emergencies.

Municipalities and NGOs included in the protocol held exercises

Many exercises were also carried out as part of the program. In the exercise directed by İsmail Derse, Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department; AKUT İzmir and Peninsula Teams, Çiğli Municipality Search and Rescue Team ÇAK, GEA Search and Rescue Team, Tire Search and Rescue Team (TAKED), TAMGA Search and Rescue Team, SAR Search and Rescue Team, İZMAK Search and Rescue Team, Disaster and Emergency Communications (TRAC) İzmir Branch Presidency, TDF İzmir Search and Rescue Team (İZSAR), İzmir Cave Research Teams (İZMAD), Menderes Municipality Search and Rescue Team (MAK), Buca Municipality Search and Rescue Teams (BUCAKUT), İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department Fire Response Teams, search and rescue, conducted extensive exercises such as fire and earthquake.

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