Turkey Digital Tax Office is Established, Artificial Intelligence Digital Tax Assistants Are Coming

turkey digital tax office is being established, digital tax assistants with artificial intelligence are coming
turkey digital tax office is being established, digital tax assistants with artificial intelligence are coming

Within the scope of the Economy Reform Package by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the law for the establishment of the “Turkey Digital Tax Office, which will serve all taxpayers in our country and enable electronic transactions, has been shaped.

Within the framework of the economic reform, it is aimed to simplify tax regulations while opening the way for investors and to switch to a 24-hour tax office service with digitalized transactions. In the Digital Tax Office, artificial intelligence digital tax assistants will answer possible questions from citizens, and at the same time, the application differences and bureaucracy in the tax offices that harass citizens will come to an end.

Thanks to the Digital Tax Office, taxpayers will be able to make their payments quickly, regardless of time and place. In addition, tax refund examinations, notifications, minutes and reporting processes will be completed quickly in electronic environment. With the law, digital transformation will also be provided in tax transactions.

Under the law, 850 thousand tradesmen will be exempt from income tax.

Law studies for the establishment of the Turkish Digital Tax Office continue at full speed. Within the scope of the studies, it is planned to present the legal regulation on exemption of more than 850 thousand tradesmen from income tax and the removal of their declaration obligations to the Parliament at the end of December. Accordingly, tradesmen, such as carpenters, turners, tea shop operators, tailors, repairmen, hairdressers, and plumbers, who are taxed in a simple manner, will be exempt from income tax and their declaration obligations will be removed.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance, which has rolled up its sleeves for citizen-oriented reform steps in the tax system, will base on increasing taxation according to its ability to pay. The Tax Procedure Law will be regulated in such a way as to encourage voluntary compliance.

At the same time, it is planned to put into practice towards the end of this year the work to collect unpaid debts to the public by a single administration.

In another issue, double taxation agreements for global investors are being revised and the "mutual agreement method" will be used with other countries to solve tax problems that concern more than one country.

The digital transformation process, which started with e-Document, will continue with the Turkish Digital Tax Office.

The e-Transformation process, which started in Turkey in April 2014 with the adoption of the e-Invoice application by the companies that have to, has taken an important step forward by achieving success on a global scale in the last 7 years. As of June 2021, the number of companies using e-Invoice in our country has reached 427 thousand. By gradually expanding the use of electronic documents and electronic books, it is aimed to reduce tax losses and the process is planned to be completed by June 2022.

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