Çanakkale Battles Sıhhiye Museum Opened to Visit

Canakkale Battles Sıhhiye Museum opened to visit
Canakkale Battles Sıhhiye Museum opened to visit

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the Çanakkale Wars Medical Museum contains effective reenactments of what happened behind the front lines in 1915, and said, “We hope that our visitors will leave here by understanding and feeling 1915 and the spirit of Çanakkale, and sharing the struggle and pain experienced. ” said.

Minister Ersoy, in his speech at the opening of the Çanakkale Battles Medical Museum, which was prepared with the support of the Konya Selçuklu Municipality and the contributions of the Health Sciences University under the control of the Çanakkale Wars and Gallipoli Historical Site Presidency, said that the light of the Red Crescent, the symbol of hope and fortitude, was a beautiful memory of the medics. He said they would immortalize it with the work.

Minister Ersoy reminded that in the battles where the trenches came very close to each other in the Çanakkale Land Wars, the Turkish soldiers were severely injured by the effects of artillery shells, shrapnel and bayonet attacks, and that the consequences of this went beyond the health facilities on the front line and went to Istanbul for the care of thousands of wounded brought from Çanakkale by hospital ships. He explained that even some official buildings and schools in the city were converted into hospitals.

Minister Ersoy stated that the mobilization of nursing and health services carried out by the Ottoman Red Crescent Society, which worked hard all over the country in such an environment, was a balm for the wounds in people's bodies and souls, and continued as follows:

“This tiny peninsula has been a scene that reveals the brutality and dirty faces of the forces that call themselves civilized and mirrors their original identities. At every point you step on, you can see a veteran fortress, bastion, headquarters. Enemy planes also opened fire on hospitals, hospital tents, bandages, and hospital ships transporting the wounded, violating the laws of war. However, some civilian settlements such as Eceabat were also adversely affected by these bombardments. Again, although hospital tents in places like Akbaş and Ağadere were equipped with Red Crescent flags, they were the target of these bombardments. As well as knowing what kind of physical strength the ancestors defeated, it is necessary to know and never forget what kind of mentality he scraped from these lands. To forget this is a great disloyalty to our past, and to undermine our future with our own hands.”

“Know that your Glorious Spirit is Standing and is in the Safe Hands of Your Generation”

Minister Ersoy emphasized that Çanakkale is the victory of those who can bear the weight of the question "I wonder" in their conscience for the rest of their lives, by shouldering the decision on which of the injured bodies that come before them to intervene for the correct use of limited materials.

Sharing information about the museum that was opened, Minister Ersoy said: “The Çanakkale Battles Sıhhiye Museum contains effective animations of what happened behind the front in 1915. It is our hope that our visitors will leave here by understanding and feeling 1915 and the spirit of Çanakkale, sharing the struggle and pain experienced, their memories will be refreshed, their wills will be strengthened, and their consciousness and awareness will increase. Because we are in debt, we owe more than we can pay in a lifetime. I would like to call out to the medics of the Çanakkale Front: Rest in peace. Know that your glorious soul is standing tall and in the safe hands of your generation. With the inspiration they got from you, they are the support, pride and hope of their nation, either by fighting front-to-front behind the Mehmetçik, or by shielding themselves from the epidemic that shook the world, at the expense of being separated from their spouses and children, and putting their own lives in the background. I commemorate all our past, martyrs and veterans, who devoted their lives to our independence and future, with mercy and gratitude."

University of Health Sciences Rector Prof. Dr. The program continued with the presentation of a gift to Minister Ersoy by Cevdet Erdöl, and ended with a visit to the museum opened by Minister Ersoy and his entourage by cutting the ribbon.

Çanakkale Governor İlhami Aktaş, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Turan, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Çanakkale Wars and Gallipoli Historical Site President İsmail Kaşdemir, directors of institutions, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations and military officials attended the ceremony.

In addition, Minister Ersoy, with his entourage, examined the Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park, which was planned to be opened to diving tourism, which emerged with the creation of the inventory of the sinking foreign warships in the Historical Gallipoli Peninsula, where the Çanakkale Wars took place, before the opening of the museum.

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