Post-Pandemic, $5.5 Trillion Global Logistics Sector Is Rapidly Going Digital

The trillion-dollar global logistics industry is rapidly digitizing after the pandemic
The trillion-dollar global logistics industry is rapidly digitizing after the pandemic

📩 20/08/2021 11:58

With the pandemic, the world is being reshaped and the global logistics industry, which has reached 6 trillion dollars, is rapidly digitizing. The world logistics market has exceeded 2020 trillion dollars by the end of 5. In the report of IMARC Group, one of the leading global market research companies, in which it shares its 2021-2026 growth forecasts and trends for the logistics industry, the size of the industry has exceeded 2020 trillion dollars by the end of 5,2. By the end of 2021, it is expected to be around $5,5 trillion. In 2026, it is predicted to reach $ 6,9 trillion. While the logistics industry is growing on the one hand, it is rapidly digitalizing on the other.

Demand to keep stock due to e-commerce and pandemic accelerated the sector

Touching on two important reasons for the growth and acceleration of digital transformation in the logistics sector, Tırport Board Member Responsible for Marketing Burcu Kale said:

“First of all, with the pandemic, the use of e-commerce in the world has started to increase rapidly. Countries reached their target in e-commerce in 5 years, in just 1,5 years. The e-commerce rate, which was 45% in China, reached 25% in Europe and the USA, and exceeded 15% in Turkey. In addition to the domestic market, the volume of e-commerce continues to increase rapidly in international trade. Secondly, during the pandemic process, the concept of being stocked with food on the basis of country, institution, family and person came to the fore. People tended to keep more than their needs in stock. In this case, it created a serious demand explosion in the food and fast consumption group. On the other hand, we have also encountered issues that need to be resolved, such as the storage, transportation and preservation of frozen and perishable foods.

Worldwide, digital load management reached $10,1 billion

Noting that the “digital transformation” in the global logistics industry continues with high momentum, Burcu Kale said:

“Traceability of transported products, traceability of logistics operations from mobile applications, real-time, location-based delivery reporting, etc. issues came to the fore. According to data released by Markets Insider at the beginning of August, the size of the business generated by digital load management platforms, which reached 2020 billion dollars by the end of 10,1, is increasing exponentially. Similar growth was included in the Market Guide for Digital Freight Models for Road Transportation report published by Gartner in October 2020, pointing to the growth in this field and categorizing the leading digital actors in the USA, China and Europe. . In the said report; While logistics startups such as Uber Fireight, Convoy, Coyote, Fourkites, Flock Freight stand out in the USA, Full Truck Alliance (FTA) from China, Rivigo, Blackbuck, Delhivery in India, Sennder, Ontruck, Shippeo, Saloodo in Europe, Instrafeight and Tirport from Turkey stand out. In addition to Tirport from our country, OpLog, which makes a difference in new generation warehousing and e-commerce logistics, is included in the report.”

Turkey's 100 billion dollar logistics sector will go digital with Tirport

Stating that Turkey can be an end-to-end logistics and production base in its geography, Burcu Kale continued her speech as follows:

“The way they do and manage business in the world continues to change permanently due to the pandemic. Many sectors such as education, logistics and health continue their end-to-end digitalization. Now, many services that we need in daily life have started to be managed in real-time, location-based, thanks to the new generation digital platforms supported by smart algorithms. In this change and transformation, Tırport enables end-to-end digitalization, which enables logistics to be managed from the pocket and the cargo to be found from the pocket. Turkey's 100 billion dollar logistics sector will be digitalized with Tirport. As a matter of fact, one of the starting points that will pave the way for our country is the “logistics sector”. If the logistics sector is supported with the right investment, the Turkish logistics market can run to 2030 trillion dollars in 1. In the next 10 years, the sector has the potential to create 2.5 million direct new jobs.”

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