İzmir Metropolitan Starts Hygiene Mobilization in Schools

izmir buyuksehir started hygiene mobilization in schools
izmir buyuksehir started hygiene mobilization in schools

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started disinfection studies in public schools, which will start face-to-face education on September 6, as part of the measures to combat coronavirus. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“We have made the necessary preparations for our children to receive education in healthy conditions. Our hygiene studies will continue on a regular basis," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic Tunç SoyerIzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its cleaning and disinfection activities in public transportation vehicles, schools and public areas in line with the “Crisis Municipalism” practices initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, started a hygiene mobilization in schools for the students to make a healthy start to the new academic year. The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out disinfection at certain intervals throughout the year and distributes disinfectants to be used in thermometers, hygienic mats and mats, disinfects all schools before the 6-2021 academic year, which will start face-to-face on September 2022. Within the scope of the work carried out with 27 teams and 400 personnel, teams are doing disinfection in 600 schools.

President Soyer: “We made our preparations”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who wishes all students who will start school to have a healthy and successful education period. Tunç Soyer“We have been struggling to facilitate this difficult process that we have been through since March 2019. We carry out regular cleaning and disinfection studies. After a long time, our children will start face-to-face education. We are just as excited as they are. We have made the necessary preparations for our children to receive education in healthy conditions. Our hygiene studies will continue on a regular basis," he said.

parents are satisfied

Lütfiye Gültekin and Seher Sönmez, parents who came to register their children at Evrenesoğlu Secondary School in Bornova Altındağ and saw the disinfection activities of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality by stating that they would send their children to school safely.

Hygiene kit also distributed

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality distributed 542 hygiene mats and 2 liters of mat disinfectant to 5 schools as part of its efforts to combat coronavirus. Mats are placed at student and teacher entrances to prevent bacteria and viruses from being carried into the school and classrooms. Thermometers were also delivered to the school administrations by the Metropolitan Municipality.

463 thousand public points were disinfected in İzmir

Products included in the list of biocidal products that fight microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses that pose a danger to human health, licensed by the Ministry of Health, are used in disinfection studies. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Branch Directorate has disinfected 2020 thousand points throughout the city since the beginning of 463, approximately 9 thousand liters of disinfectant has been used. Parks, health institutions, police stations, sports fields, schools, places of worship, mukhtar offices, pharmacies, banks, cafes and restaurants, service buildings of public institutions and organizations, buses, taxis and minibuses are disinfected regularly.

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