Istanbul Airport Brings Turkey Together on the Victory Road

Istanbul Airport brings Turkey together on the road to victory
Istanbul Airport brings Turkey together on the road to victory

On the 30th of August Victory Day, Istanbul Airport invites all of Turkey to a victory march so that we can feel our unity and solidarity in the strongest way possible. Those who participated in the “Our Way to Victory” meeting through the website and Twitter, created within this scope, are waving our flag on the road where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades marched to victory 99 years ago.

IGA organizes an online meeting to contribute to the celebration of our August 30 Victory Day with enthusiasm. Thus, it is aimed to repeat the victory march with the participants in the 99th year of the Great Offensive.

The meeting, called "Our Way to Victory", was announced on the social media with the #VictoryRoad posts on August 28. 99 years ago, the victory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades kazanThose who want to take part in the path they are taking can participate by sharing the hashtag #ZaferYolumuz on Twitter or by entering the website

Users who use the #ZaferYolumuz hashtag on Twitter or log in to the site with their name-surname information take their places on the map on the website with pin signs in the form of a flag. Each pin represents one participant. When participants click on the pins, they can see their name-surname information or their Twitter username and tweets they shared with the #ZaferYolumuz hashtag.

Users can check where they are on the map by typing their name/username into the 'search' field on the site. When they click on their pin sign, they see a participation card that they can share on social media. On the card, there is also information about how many people joined the path of victory.

On the "Our Way to Victory" map, cities are sorted by the date of their liberation from enemy occupation.

A social responsibility project is also being implemented within the scope of the project. On behalf of the users participating in the project, İGA meets the needs of the Garipçe Secondary School located in the Garipçe Village of Sinanpaşa district of Afyonkarahisar.

Within the scope of the “Our Way to Victory Project”, a film was also prepared, describing the period of the Great Offensive, its planning and the first day of action. Specially prepared for the August 30 Victory Day, this movie can be watched on @igairport social media accounts as of August 28.

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