IDEF Fair Contributes to the International Promotion of Domestic Companies

idef fair makes a great contribution to the international promotion of domestic companies
idef fair makes a great contribution to the international promotion of domestic companies

Kaptanoğlu Desan Shipyard, one of Turkey's most important shipyards, participated in the IDEF International Defense Fair with the Turkish Naval Forces' Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats, which broke new ground with a local rate of 72 percent, and a fire fighting boat with different features. Cenk İsmail Kaptanoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Kaptanoğlu Desan Shipyard, who hosted the Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler and the Commander of the Naval Forces Admiral Adnan Özbal at his stand, said, “This year, we are attending IDEF International Defense Fair for the fourth time. The number of international participants is increasing every year. IDEF is an important channel for us to announce the achievements of our defense industry in the international arena, and we had important meetings in the markets that Turkey is getting closer to.

Kaptanoğlu Desan Shipyard, which has signed an important project in the defense industry with the Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats (ACMB) delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces, showed up at IDEF, Turkey's largest defense fair.

Cenk İsmail Kaptanoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Kaptanoğlu Desan Shipyard, whose stand was visited by the Chief of Staff General Yaşar Güler and the Commander of the Naval Forces Admiral Adnan Özbal, mentioned the importance of IDEF International Defense Fair for the Turkish Defense Industry and said, “IDEF is an important opportunity for us to announce our achievements. provides space,” he said.


Stating that the number of participating companies has almost doubled in the fourth year they joined IDEF, Cenk İsmail Kaptanoğlu said, “When we look at the 8-10-year recent history of the Turkish Defense Industry, we see that the work done by foreign entrepreneurs has become localized and nationalized to a large extent. This is a proud picture for us. We have done our part in the efforts of localization and nationalization. In the marine projects carried out to date, we have achieved 'real locality' exceeding 72 percent with our ACMB boat. We have really put a lot of effort into localization. We continue to show the same effort with our new projects.”


Explaining the contributions of the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) to localization, Kaptanoğlu said, “The fact that the Defense Industry Presidency stipulated a certain localization rate in the tender specifications pushed the companies to take action in this direction. However, there is another purpose behind the true sense of locality. Our aim is not to adapt the technologies produced abroad here. To design and produce with our own means. The support given to us by the political power is very important, so we can focus on R&D activities. Although the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic delayed our plans a little, the momentum we gained has not lost anything. Our biggest goal is to carry this momentum to the international market. We spend our energy in this direction. We have been showing up in all international fairs that we can take part in for two years.”


Stating that international fairs were interrupted due to the pandemic, Kaptanoğlu Desan Shipyard Chairman Cenk Kaptanoğlu said, “The pandemic disrupted the commercial and military fairs. We can say that we attended 5-6 fairs a year before the pandemic. We try to take part in all trade fairs, but we have to be selective in defense industry fairs. It is more meaningful for us to exhibit our products in countries with which our country has direct relations or where bilateral relations are good. We do not prefer countries where bilateral relations are not good," he said.


“Turkey is currently showing flags among the Muslim countries in Africa and Africa,” said Kaptanoğlu, adding, “Our field of activity is gradually increasing in the Muslim countries in Africa and Africa. Our relations are developing not only in naval projects, but also in all areas where the defense industry is involved. Africa has the potential to be a good market for us. Our initiatives continue with the countries in the South American geography, but South America is a relatively distant and different geography for us, our contacts with the countries of the Near East continue, we will see how it will be realized in the coming days.”


"Reference is very important in the defense industry market," said Kaptanoğlu, "Delivering a successful platform to our Naval Forces has been a very important reference for us. It is a big plus for us that we have achieved the highest rate of locality among naval platforms, that we have delivered our boats before the contract date, that our boats have passed all tests without errors and in the first time. We continue to work on ACBM, and we plan to produce more different versions.”

"Our goal is to wave the flag of Turkey at the highest level in the defense industry industry," said Kaptanoğlu, "We are continuing our work in this direction. We aim to represent our country in the best way and to realize more successful projects with the works we do with our local and international partners.”

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